How to sleep better: 5 simple ways to help you

A good night sleep is incredibly important. Fall short and it can take an immediate negative effect on your brain function, hormones, daily performance, and even weight. The amount of sleep you get reflects on your ability to concentrate and interact with others, which means being sleep deprived is a pretty miserable existence. You need healthy sleep to leave you emotionally balanced, mentally sharp, and full of energy all day long. Here are a few simple ways to help you sleep better:

5 Early warning signs of kidney disease to look out for.

Would you know the symptoms of kidney disease if they happened to you? Although the only way to be 100% sure if you have kidney disease is to be tested, there are five early warning signs of kidney disease that you can look out for. It’s important if you are experiencing any of these symptoms that you discuss this with a healthcare practitioner, such as there don’t tend to be any symptoms of kidney disease at an early stage – due to this, many people are unaware of their condition until it is advanced. By informing you

The Key To Healthy Eating: Grow A Garden That Can Feed The Family

Wouldn’t we all like to spread out paycheck a bit further, and get a bit more for our money, especially when it comes to feeding the all the hungry mouths in the family. Well, if you’ve got a bit of garden space, even something tiny, why not grow your own vegetables and fruit to add to your family’s diet? It helps to ensure that your diet is interesting, high in fibre, and varied, but it also encourages the kids to get involved, and it’s a great tool for teaching about nutrition and diets. Here’s a few hints and tips for how to create the perfect garden to feed you and your family.

Focus on high-calorie food

Essential Tremor is a benign condition that makes everyday tasks difficult. The characteristic of essential tremor is that in most cases it is present in the hands. From writing to trying to put your contact lenses in, everything becomes a challenge. There are cases where it is present only in one of the hands, but for my son, it's present in both.  Essential tremor in hands is present only when the person is active, but they are gone when they are sleeping or taking a rest.

These are my winter medicine cabinet must-haves.

Having a fully stocked medicine cabinet and being prepared for the winter bugs is essential for any family. Apart from your prescriptions, you need the medicines to treat minor, headaches, fevers, coughs, allergies, or a runny nose. Just before winter, I made sure to stock-up, buying my items with convenience and ease from Chemist Direct, giving me the piece of mind that we are prepared for winter.

Eat The Food You Love And Lose Weight

The claim that you can eat all the foods you love and still lose weight is one that is used by most fad diets.  These phrases draw you in with the promise of losing weight without having to give anything up.  There are many hopeful dieters who take these phrases at face value, while others roll their eyes at this because it does not mean you can eat an entire pizza every day and lose weight.

This is How You Can Avoid Incontinence After Pregnancy

Incontinence after childbirth is a common problem, affecting as many as half of new mums in the UK every year according to the National Childcare Trust (NCT). But you don’t have to accept this as part and parcel of being a new mum.

Rarely discussed, urinary incontinence is a common problem, especially post-birth. Many women will admit to accidentally leaking urine when they cough, sneeze, laugh or when exercising too. For many women, incontinence started during pregnancy or after giving birth.

Recently, there have been major technological advancements with freezing eggs. As a result, success rates of frozen egg cycles now rival some of the best fresh donor programs in the country. Facing infertility can be emotionally draining, but IVF with frozen donor eggs gives you hope by providing another chance for you to give birth to your own child. 

3 ways to get the spark back into your relationship

Whether you’ve been with your partner for a few months or many years, over time you may find that your relationship starts to become a little stale. If you feel that the days are gone when your connection with your other half was fresh and exciting, you could benefit from making some changes to help revive your partnership. To get the spark back into your relationship, take a look at these three tips.

Congenital Anosmia and Essential Tremours

It has been a tough year thus far with the boys being diagnosed with medical conditions. Although nothing life threatening (thank god), my two older boys have been diagnosed with medical conditions that they will have to live with every day for the rest of their lives.

What is family mediation?

Separating from or divorcing a partner can be a traumatic experience, especially if kids are involved - and the thought of arguing with your ex in court over everything from your possessions to your childcare arrangements could make everything seem even worse.