Freshpet Dog Joy Turkey Bacon Treats

It was earlier this year when a new fridge appeared in the pet aisle at my local Tesco's, stocking a new brand to the UK from the US, a pet food called Freshpet. I'd never heard of Freshpet before, so was excited to see what it was all about.

Freshpet offers human-grade meats and vegetables, food that’s cooked, not processed and wholesome. They offer meat meals in rolls that can be sliced into pieces, they also offer treats. Freshpet is ideal for pet parents who want to feed their pets premium, real foods but are too busy or are not confident in making it at home.

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Ravensburger Bugaloop Game

Ravensburger Buggaloop is a fun board game.

The set up is very easy. You place the cardboard base piece in place of the box and attach the two tunnel tubes, and you are set to go. 

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Ben 10 Power Up Figures


Ben 10, is a 10-year old boy, on a journey with his Grampa Max and cousin Gwen. Using his  Omnitrix watch, this amazing device gives Ben the ability to transform into any one of the alien heroes, each with its own unique abilities.

Ben 10 has been loved in our household for quite a few years. Lewis, when he was younger, loved watching the cartoon and collecting the toys, he's grown out of it now, however, Jacob my youngest boy, now loves to watch Ben 10 and enjoys playing with the toys. So he was super excited to receive the latest Ben 10 toys - the Power Up Figures range. Fourarms - which is his favourite alien (Lewis's favourite was Diamond head)

There are 3 figures to collect in this range:

  • Heatblast
  • Diamond Head
  • Fourarms

Each Ben 10 figure  "powers up" into his alien of choice; when a button is pressed it activates lights and sounds and is pretty cool to play with.  These are medium sized figures, measuring at 5.5 inches tall, their parts move and they make a lovely toy - especially for any Ben 10 fans out there.

Jacob has a few Ben 10 toys now, old and new, he loves playing with them, acting out battle scenes and being creative with them.  He's also popped down Heatblast and Diamond Head Power Up figures on his Christmas list - he wants to collect all three from the range.

Ben 10 Deluxe Power Up Figures - Four Arms
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Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer

I absolutely love the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer! It is truly fantastic and the kids love it. 

So what is it?

It's an interactive, educational, smart globe with a cool wireless updatable touch pen and 3D augmented reality. There is so much to do, to discover, to learn, to interact with, the fun is endless, and the whole time you are on an educational journey with this amazing globe.

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Rebecca Adlington teams up with Baby Annabell Learns to Swim

Summer loves to go to the swimming pool and take a dip, although she is not very confident in the water as she can anxious about the experience.  If your little one is nervous about getting in the pool, then the below top tips from Rebecca Adlington are a good starting point. 

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington teams up with Baby Annabell Learns to Swim to reveal her tips on giving youngsters confidence in the water:

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K'NEX Web Weaver

We've been a fan of K'NEX for many years - the first time I bought it was for my Oldest son, 13 years ago, and since then, it has been favourite of ours; Jacob's fav construction toy.

Jacob loves K'NEX, he spends hours playing and creating all sorts of builds. I love how it brings out his creative and innovative side, this is done by him either using his own imagination or by following the instructions.  We've bought, owned and reviewed a quite a few K'NEX sets over the years, and were excited to receive the WEb Weaver to review.

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Kazoops Fun With Clouds. 

Last night we watched the latest Kazoops Episode (number 63) Fun With Clouds. 

The grey clouds ruining their plans, and wish they’d go away, but Monty and Jimmy Jones set out to show them that the sky wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without clouds.

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Ben 10 Twitter Party

Last month was a really hard month. My dad passed away after battling cancer for 7 months and all our lives changed forever. The kids don't have their grandad anymore and they're finding it very hard. I've desperately tried to keep things as normal as possible and to keep them occupied, especially as it was the school holidays too. One thing I had forgotten was we were invited to host the Ben 10 Twitter party, so when the big box of Ben 10 toys turned up, I took the opportunity to give the kids something to look forward to. We invited close family and friends around. It was a nice afternoon, the kids enjoyed it, and I tweeted and chatted away.

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FACTS! One for every day By Tracey Turner

I love having books in the home, especially ones that are packed full with interesting stuff, especially facts - everyone loves facts. The kids love reading different facts and discovering and being amazed all at the same time, and this book by Tracey Turner does just that.

It's a visual, fun book full of facts - infact, one fact for every day of the year.

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My Mermaid Lagoon

Summer has created a magical mermaid world, with My Mermaid Lagoon.  Summer loves doing anything arts and crafts, I knew she would love this set from Interplay. 

With My Mermaid Lagoon, you can create many different Lagoon settings for your mermaid. All done in the display bottle, which is also perfect for displaying your magical mermaid world on the shelf. With the glittery play sand, you can mold, sculpt and play. As well as the mermaid and her friend the seahorse, there are lots of accessories included: coral, clamshell, and rocks. 

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