Disney's Vampirina Toy Range Review

Disney Junior's Vampirina celebrates friendship and difference. The series follows the story of a young vampire named Vampirina Hauntley who’s recently moved with her family from Transylvania to Pennsylvania to run the Scare B&B, a guest house for monsters.

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Toy Range Review

Summer was a very lucky girl to be sent a bundle of some amazing PJ Masks toys to try out.

The box was huge when it arrived, and to say Summer was a lil’ excited is an understatement. A PJ Mask fan, she was over the moon and a tad bit excited. We were sent this bundle of toys in preparation for the PJ Masks Super Moon Twitter party! Yay, we love Twitter parties, if you have not joined in one in the past, then you must - lots of fun and lots of toys to win.

Casdon Chip 'n' Pin Till and Shopping Basket review

Summer loves role play, thus, she especially loves playing with her different Casdon toys. From her cleaning trolley, to her mini Dyson, to her Self-service supermarket - Summer spends hours playing with her Casdon toys.

We were recently sent both the Casdon Chip 'n' Pin Till and Casdon Shopping Basket for review.

Zuru X-Shot Bug Attack Review

Zuru X-Shot Bug Attack Review

Jacob’s passion is his toy guns, and he has many. He’s collected his toy guns over the years and loves playing with them, and practising on different targets etc,. So when we were invited to review the different Zuru X-Shot Bug Attack guns I knew Jacob would be really excited to give them a try.

Schleich Horse Club Review New Horses & Riders

Summer has an array of Schleich toys, but these are her first from the new horses and riders range - she has fallen in love with them. She can't stop playing with them, and takes her horses with her everywhere.

All the horses each come with a rider, a rubber saddle, bridle and reins, all of which are fitted to the horse - the saddles are colour co-ordinated with their rider.

Oonies and Orbeez Review

We’ve been extremely lucky to have been sent both the Oonies starter pack and a bunch of Orbeez to review. Both of which, the kids absolutely loved and had tons of fun with.

You can see both reviews below.

Casdon Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum

This cute Dyson cord-free vacuum is a replica of the life size Dyson Vacuum. It’s true to life design adds to the Childs imagination. It really looks like the real thing, but smaller, perfect size for little ones.

Summer adores role play and loves getting involved with helping me to clean the house, thus, I just knew she would love the Dyson cord-free vacuum from Casdon, and she does!

Back to School with Moj Moj

The kids were back at school last week, and have already settled in to their new classes and lessons - and doing very well. Both Summer and Jacob absolutely love school, although they loved the summer holidays, they were super pleased to be back at school! Lewis, starts year-11, his final year, his GCSEs. Liam isn’t returning to college, he will continue to work his part-time job until he joins the army.

Superzings series 2 Review

We’ve been sent the latest new series 2 for Superzings: Rivals of Kaboom.

SuperZings are collectable characters which are based on everyday generic objects and brought to life in a comic like fun theme. The collection has a hero vs. villain theme, each hero figure has a matching rival - 80 in total to collect, including an ultra-rare character, 2 gold and 6 silver.

Crate Creatures Review

Crate Creatures are a collection of interactive not-so-cuddly-teddies (but are grossly cute). They offer an unlimited unboxing experience that can be re-enacted again and again. 

Schleich's Eldrador Creatures Review

We were sent Ice Monster from Eldrador Creatures to review.  Eldrador Creatures each represent a different source: lava, ice, stone or water.  Their mission is to find the Super Weapon.

Ice monster comes with a weapon (Ice Hammer) and his arms move up and down. You can swap the weapons with other Eldrador creatures.

Back to School with Vampirina

Disney Junior's Vampirina celebrates friendship and difference. The series follows the story of a young vampire named Vampirina Hauntley who’s recently moved with her family from Transylvania to Pennsylvania to run the Scare B&B, a guest house for monsters. It's a show that Summer loves to watch.

We were recently sent the Disney Vampirina Bootastic Backpack Set and Disney Vampirina Spooky Scooter Set from Flair, to review as back to school gifts.

IBS Truths

IBS Truths

IBS crept up on me so gradually that for the first year or so I didn't realise there was anything wrong. I'd simply ignored and dismissed the symptoms - I'd even resigned myself to accepting that I will probably have digestive problems for the rest my life, they were mild, annoying, and uncomfortable, but I just didn't have the time to go to the doctors for what I thought was something I could live with. I tried to put it to the back of my mind.

DISNEY JUNIOR Puppy Dog Pals Twitter Party

Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Twitter Party

Puppy Dog Pals is a Disney Junior cartoon series that follows the fun adventures of brothers Bingo and Rolly, two pug puppies. They also have a cat sister named Hissy, and a super cool robot dog named Automatic Doggy Robotic Friend, aka A.R.F.

Dinosaurs In The Wild Review

We visited Dinosaurs In The Wild at the Greenwich Peninsula.

The first part of the tour you are given an introduction and safety check. You then board on to the time machine, where you are taken back in time! The blinds go up and you find yourselves "back in time" with dinosaurs outside grazing - as we took a bumpy ride to the base, we got to see different types of dinosaurs.

Num Noms Series 5 Ice Tray Set Review

Summer loves collecting Num Noms - the little cute stackable collectables.

Num Noms is where kids can make their own ‘recipe’ by creating stacks of the characters. Each new series has a new collection of flavours along with rare special edition Num Noms.  You can also collect Num Noms special nail polish, lip gloss and light-up Noms.

We were sent the Num Noms Lights Mega Pack series 5 for review.


i-Top is the latest generation of electronic spinning top game. It's really addictive too, tons of fun.

i-Top is a combination of the traditional spinning top but with an electronic upgrade. It has an electronic LED counter that counts your spins!

Celebrating Friendship With Baby Annabell Review

Making friends is fun and keeping friends can be a journey.

Children have much to learn about sharing toys, sharing play and sharing ideas. It takes time for children to begin to see things from someone else's point of view, and to learn how to manage all those complicated feelings. But when they do and they make friends, watching that friendship grow is a beautiful thing.

Ziito Double Clothes Rail Review

I was excited to receive the Ziito Double Clothes Rail for review. It arrives in a long box, "Flat packed"; each pipe ready to be screwed together - the Allen key was included. It was very easy to put together. I built it myself as I was too excited to wait for hubby to come home, and it took me approx 10-minutes. As soon as it was up, I loved it.