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Essential Tremors What to Avoid


Essential Tremor is a benign condition that makes everyday tasks difficult. The characteristic of essential tremor is that in most cases it is present in the hands. From writing to trying to put your contact lenses in, everything becomes a challenge. There are cases where it is present only in one of the hands, but for my son, it's present in both.  Essential tremor in hands is present only when the person is active, but they are gone when they are sleeping or taking a rest.

There are few steps in which suffers can take to keep the tremors at a minimum:

Avoid caffeine - Reduce your intake of caffeine to low quantities or stop it completely. Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system and therefore could increase tremors. 

Avoid alcohol -  Tremors can worsen once the effects of alcohol wear off.

Avoid foods with refined sugars - ice creams and desserts etc. Refined sugars increase the blood sugar and insulin imbalance which causes tremors.

Learn to relax - Stress and anxiety tend to make tremors worse, and being relaxed may improve tremors. Yoga, massage or meditation are solutions that may help.

There is no cure for Essential Tremors, and my son will have to live with it for the rest of his life. But, it is something that can be controlled via medication. Although my son has had Essential Tremors since he was young, he doesn't recognise/feel his hands are shaking. He only recognises when it becomes a challenge; his biggest one so far was learning to put contact lenses in - with a lot of practice, lots of lost contact lenses and great support from the Optician, he finally is now able to pop them in. 

My son has a repeat prescription for his Tremors, beta blocker. The most convenient way to order his medication - via The Independent Pharmacy - This is an online prescription service. He's to take one or two on demand, thus, if he has something important, like exams, or for work etc. he can take a tablet and it will suppress his tremors.  

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