Family Travel Tips & Hacks!

Family holidays can be adventurous, but with energetic toddlers, melodramatic teenagers, and worn-out parents, a few mishaps might occur turning it from dreamy to disastrous. However, with a bit of planning, you can make sure you get back home safe and blissfully relaxed. After all, some of the best memories some of us have are from family holidays. So, here are a few family travel tips and hacks to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

Battle of the Sexes: 5 Ways to Ease the Brunt of Motherhood

Parenting is a joy which most people are fortunate enough to experience at some point in their lives. Bringing a child into this world is bettered only by the journey you go through as a parent, as you watch your little one grow.

While it is a blessing, motherhood isn’t without its trials and tribulations. New research by Direct Line Life Insurance found that two thirds of mums still take on the majority of childcare duties and 41% of parents don’t think dads are held to the same standards as mums.

Going on Holiday without the kids

The last time hubby and I had a holiday with just us two, was when our oldest, who is now 18, was 9-months old.  We booked a holiday for just the two of us and didn't think much of it - until the date crept up on us quickly, and I started to doubt whether I could leave my baby - there were lots of tears and I was very close to not going. With my parents reassurance (and with how much they were looking forward to looking after their baby grandson), I finally swallowed my anxiety and went. It was a lovely holiday - although I cried most evenings on the phone to my mum, missing my baby boy, hubby and I did manage to enjoy ourselves.

How to save money when you consider leasing a car

Transport is becoming far more costly these days. Unfortunately, in the fast pace that we live in today, reliable transport is absolutely essential. However, many people don't wish to purchase a car outright. This is understandable, especially given the cost that comes with doing so. This is why more people are looking into the possibility of leasing a car. Whilst many will see this as an expensive option, there are actually things that you can do that will enable you to save money, when doing so. Here are a few tips that will help you. 

List of UK Catalogues For The Whole Family

Clothing for Men, women, children, and even appliances for the home, are a few of the items you can find when catalogue-shopping. For those who want to do their shopping in one place, certain catalogues tailor items for the entire family.

I've listed a few sites you can visit below:

5 Myths of Juice Cleansing

Juicing and juice cleansing are subjects which have led to various myths, especially online. You might have read that juice cleansing is very nutritionally beneficial; however, we should still be careful not to over-simplify the matter. How can you tell what's true and what isn't?

In this article, we tackle a few myths if you are considering using juice cleansing in an attempt to get your health back into gear. It's crucial that you make an informed decision. 

National Citizen Service - What Are The Benefits?

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a youth programme; a once-in-a-lifetime experience open to all 15 to 17-year-olds across England and Northern Ireland that is designed to help fast track their future. It's an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development for young people.

Reasons why buying a pre-loved car is better

Hubby received his brand new all sparkling, tech'd up, company car a couple of months ago. Which he loves, and it does look fab. However, it's brand new, and although it is a company car, he still treats it with all the love, due and respect, as if he bought it himself - meaning, the dogs are not allowed in his new car, or no eating, etc. 

Then we also have our family car, the trusty Nissan Qashqai +2, which we bought preloved, and have never had any issues with it. It's pretty much perfect for what we need: 7 seats, and runs like a dream.  This is my 4th Nissan, and won't be my last; my next car will be a Nissan, probably the XTrail, and a preloved one too.

Easy DIY Tips to Spruce Up your Garden Pond

If you’ve had your pond for a while and are looking at ways to spruce it up, don’t panic, it needn’t become a nightmare task. There are many simple changes you can make to your outside water space which will really enhance your garden without too much difficulty.

Here are a number of ways you can update and improve your pond easily, yourself:

Non-Chocolate Easter gifts for children

Every-year I buy my kids chocolate Easter eggs and every year most of the chocolate doesn't get eaten, in fact I end up chucking it in the bin. My boys do eat chocolate, but not that much. I still have a tub full of broken Easter eggs in my cupboard from last year. And, this year, I'm looking for an alternatives to an Easter Eggs.

Wedding Guest Outfit Shopping

Its my (middle) brothers wedding in June. 

I love a wedding as much as the next person, but with it being my little brothers, it's an extra special wedding! I can't wait.

As much as I am looking forward to the big day, I'm just as excited in finding the right outfit, but it has to be a dress. I don't get to wear a dress often, and a wedding is the perfect excuse to wear one.

Road Safety While Travelling With Your Family

Going on a road trip with the family can be loads of fun, a great experience. But, number one safety when heading out on a long journey is a must. If you want to avoid potential problems along the way, prepare for travel, especially if you have kids. 

Here are some simple safety precautions that could save major problems on the road:

Tips on How to make Your Money Last Until Payday

Sometimes you just take your eye off the ball financially. Life happens. These things happen. Whatever the reason, and it can happen often, you can find yourself left with almost nothing in the bank. "how long is it to payday?!"

How we earn money and how we spend money has changed and continues to change / evolve.  And, teaching yourself to budget better isn't as easy as it sounds,

Anxiety in Dogs: Is Stress Affecting Your Pet?

We’ve all had restless night’s where the worries of the day have left us unable to relax — but did you know dogs can also be kept awake due to stress? According to a recent study, dogs suffer a worse sleep if they have experienced negative interactions and behaviour before laying down to rest. Researchers also discovered that canines that enjoyed more positive experiences managed to sleep more soundly than those that didn’t.  

Non-Surgical Nose Job

uring my teenage years there were two things about me that I was unhappy about, one my hair colour, because I was bullied, I hated my ginger hair, but as I approached adulthood, it soon became my favourite thing about me.  Then there was my nose. I hated my nose, especially how bumpy it was. I remember holding down the tip of my nose in the hope it would straighten itself out - which of course, it never did, no matter how long and how many times I held/squashed it down.  Again, as I grew older, I learnt to acc

Romantic getaways in Tuscany

Are you planning a wedding or honeymoon or a romantic getaway with your loved one? Well, Tuscany makes for a perfect option as it has ready-to-book itineraries that carry all the romance of Italy. Nothing could be more romantic than to rent a villa in Tuscany countryside or book one of those true honeymoon hotels for a dreamy vacation. Just enjoy the togetherness with your other half on the rolling hills of Tuscany or the vineyards surrounded by a breathtaking panorama. This is your chance to impress your sweetheart and show your warm, fuzzy feelings. All you need to do is look for some inspiration in the small towns of Tuscany, with incredible views and savory flavors.

My Winter Remedies

I’m actually excited at the prospect of a cold winter this year and hopefully even some snow. I love winter, snuggling up in thick cardigans, or blankets on the sofa, drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate, wearing woolly hats and gloves, and even those heavy jumpers - I love it all.  With the onset of cold weather, the common cold, flu, and general sniffles can become a regular occurrence. That’s why I like to stay prepared with a few natural remedies for winter.

Four Simple Ways to Improve Your House

Turning a house into the dream home you’ve always wanted can be done, it just takes time and some imagination. Simple fixes can create a big impact, and these fixes can be the difference between wanting to move, and never wanting to leave. All you need to do is take the potential of your home and make your dreams become a reality. To help you out, here are four methods that you can use to help improve your home’s look, feel, and function. You can’t live in a home that doesn’t have what you need, but sometimes you can hack your home so that it becomes the perfect fit.


I'm not very good at gambling, I try and understand betting etc. but it's too much of an effort when in the end I'll probably lose my money anyhow, and this is why I prefer to do something easier, that doesn't involve too much money.  I enjoy buying a lottery ticket and have done for years, but there are so many lotteries out there, international, that you wonder how can you get a ticket for it?!