3 great ways to make your home child friendly.

As your little one/s gets older you will need to adapt the home to make it more child-friendly.  Unless you have been a parent before I don't think you will believe me when I say that little children are walking hazards.  They will find everything that is dangerous in your home and they will play with it.

Help with your kids studying

A Tutor Can Help Your Child Catch Up at School 

You want your child to be an independent learner, and be excellent at school. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Your expectations don’t meet your child’s performance. At some point, you might have to consider hiring a tutor to help your child catch up. You might think it’s embarrassing as it points out the fact that your child is academically weak, but your child needs help, and a tutor might be the best person to help your child get up to speed.

How to make Money Last Until Payday

Money can be tight and unexpected things happen and it can happen at anytime, washing machine or car breaks down, or maybe your water bill is higher than you expected. Sometimes you just take your eye off the ball financially. Whatever the reason, and it can happen often, you find yourself left with almost nothing in the bank. And, you ask yourself 'how long to payday?'.

Getting Started With Recycling at Home

Recycling is one of the most simple and effective ways that everyone can reduce their impact on the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency recently released a study showing that 17 trees and a whopping 26,000 litres of water are saved for each ton of paper that is recycled.

But paper and cardboard aren’t the only materials that we can recycle at home. In fact, most homeowners would be surprised by the amount of materials they’re throwing away that could be recycled instead. Aluminum cans, foil and trays, glass bottles, empty aerosol cans, and a variety of plastics are just some.

Be wise and recycle

Whenever we talk about recycling, it can sometimes sound as if we are giving away our unwanted goods for free, but that's doesn’t always have to be the case. Although most of us end up giving away old clothes and shoes to charities, we can always use Facebook market place to sell them. Additionally, there are many other household items which can be recycled for cash rather than putting them straight into the tip, these are items that we tend to believe that they hold no monetary value . Once I threw a laptop away as it didn't turn on, but now, I wonder if I could have made some money by recycling it via selling it to one of the online recycling companies. 

Essential Tips for Moving Home

Moving home is a big thing. The process and experience of moving can be a daunting experience. It's a time where your life can become very difficult and uncertain, especially if you are living out of boxes. There are many things that you need to consider and put in place in order to ensure your move is successful, and less stressful.

How to Protect The Whole Family's Health

You love your family members and you want them to live healthy and happy lives. To ensure that this scenario is true, there are a number of lifestyle changes that everyone can incorporate into his or her everyday routine. There are several ways to help keep your family fit and healthy, with the following tips being only a few.

Reasons why buying a pre-loved car is better

Hubby received his brand new all sparkling, tech'd up, company car a couple of months ago. Which he loves, and it does look fab. However, it's brand new, and although it is a company car, he still treats it with all the love, due and respect, as if he bought it himself - meaning, the dogs are not allowed in his new car, or no eating, etc. 

Then we also have our family car, the trusty Nissan Qashqai +2, which we bought preloved, and have never had any issues with it. It's pretty much perfect for what we need: 7 seats, and runs like a dream.  This is my 4th Nissan, and won't be my last; my next car will be a Nissan, probably the XTrail, and a preloved one too.

5 New Lifestyle Trends to Try 

As a parent, finding the time to unwind can seem near impossible. There is always something to do and someone that needs your love or attention. However, self-love is just as important as the love that you give to everyone else. One of the ways you can love yourself would be by doing things that you thoroughly enjoy. In addition to this, you should also be open to trying new activities. So, here are five new lifestyle trends that you should add to your list of things to do when you get a few moments to yourself. 

The UK's Wild Birds Infographic

For the past few years we have had a robin visit our garden every winter - I look out for his arrival, and always keep a listen out for his calls and songs. It is something the kids (and I) love to see and hear - it’s exciting and his presence brings us joy. 

3 Ways To Make A Bad Day Better 

3 Ways To Make A Bad Day Better 

Everyone has a bad day now and again. The problem is that these kinds of days can knock our confidence, especially when we worry about how it is going to affect us in the eyes of other people as well. Even if your bad day is a private one, it can still make you worry about what the next day will bring, and affect every decision you make.