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Garage Conversion into a Playroom

Playrooms can be magical havens where kids dream, learn, imagine, grow, chill and socialise. I would love to give me kids a sanctuary that's all their own.

When we bought our home, the previous owners had completed a part garage conversion, with half the garage left as a garage - we would now like to convert the rest of the garage and make it into a play room for the kids.

What I have in mind when we make my children’s play room is that it should be well-lit, easy to maintain, it should look a clean space and most of all, it should stimulate their learning, development and the quality of their play time. This is a space that will be filled with toys, books, games, crafts and more; thus, adequate storage is key, as well as having the right sofa. 
The playroom will be quite a small space, enough to place a 3 seater sofa in, along with storage, and then a TV and other electronics, like their Xbox.

We have a lot of bulky toys that I would like to keep in closed storage, rather than having it on display. To make it a tidier area, I will be attempting to make use of every inch by choosing furniture with hidden storage. A trunk that can be used to store the toys and also used for the kids to play on, a platform for them to use to draw pictures etc. As well as wall storage and shelving.

Then there is the sofa, with 4 children, starting from 3-years-old right up to 15, I need a sofa that will meet all their needs, one that is easily cleaned, and one they can sit and be comfortable. And, when they have sleepovers, they can pull out and make into a bed - a sofa bed. A comfy sofa bed which will provide the perfect solution for seating and sleeping; it will maximize the space.

If you have any other idea for playrooms, especially storage solutions, please let me know.

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