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Bathroom Proud

Bathroom Proud

UK Bathrooms recently carried out research and polled 3,248 people across the UK and found the average Briton spends approximately £300 per year cleaning their bathroom. With the average Briton spending approx. In addition, over a third of respondents clean their bathroom more than any other room in the house, as they feel others judge them by the state of their bathroom. 

I can relate to this, my downstairs toilet and the bathroom upstairs are the two rooms I clean first by habit. They are the rooms I clean the most often. With a large family, the bathrooms need daily cleans, and it doesn't help that we live in a hard water area, thus, limescale is an issue.

Limescale, it is a household nuisance and the bane of my life. It's important to keep on top of the limescale so it doesn't build up, I do this by regularly tackling my bathroom with a limescale removal which will prevent the build up where it becomes harder to remove in the future. It isn’t as impossible to remove as is commonly thought, even the hardest water deposits can be vanquished with the right cleaning agent and a lot of elbow grease, but it is best to keep on top of it.

Please remember to read the label of any product and to test it in a small area first, and don't make the mistake I made last month, where I decided to clean the merlyn shower in the en suite, closing myself in, and stupidly spraying far too much all over. After a couple of minutes my eyes were stinging and watering (streaming), I started to taste it in my throat, so I came out - I had to lie down, I felt incredibly sick and very dizzy for a few hours, hubby nearly took me to A&E.  Anyhow, I won't be doing that again, spraying too much household chemical cleaner in a small space is not a good idea.

I will however, continue to clean my bathroom, trying new products to find the one that works the best, smells the best and gives the best result. So, I can confidently sit back and not worry if we have any unexpected guests turn up, my bathroom will be clean and ready.

What's the one room you clean the most often?

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