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Things to consider when creating a kitchen from scratch

Planning your own kitchen from scratch can be exciting and nerve-racking in equal measure. You have the chance to create the perfect cooking space, but if things go wrong, your project could end up being a costly disaster. Don’t worry though, help is at hand. The following suggestions should steer you through the design process and help ensure you end up with a kitchen you love.

Choose the best materials  
Firstly, make sure you choose the best possible materials for this space. From contemporary options like steel and glass to traditional stones and timbers, there’s no shortage of options. As well as being stylish, your cooking area must be robust enough to stand the test of time in a busy family home. A popular option for hardworking kitchens is solid wood. This material can be used for everything from countertops and cabinets to flooring and dining furniture. As long as it’s treated properly, solid timber will stand the test of time and it has a natural elegance that could work perfectly in this part of your property.

Think about where your materials come from too. If you want your new kitchen to be eco-friendly, you’ll need to make sure you get the components for it from sustainable sources. At first, this might sound complicated, but in fact it’s just a question of choosing a suitable provider. Specialist suppliers such as deTerra Kitchens get their timber from sustainable forests with established replanting programmes. By opting for eco-friendly materials like this, you’ll be able to enjoy your new kitchen with a clear conscience.

Put your own stamp on the space
The best thing about creating a kitchen from scratch is the fact that it means you can really put your own stamp on the space. You’re not just tweaking what’s already there; instead, you can take the opportunity to design a cooking area that really reflects your interior design tastes. So, rather than opting for standard kitchen sets, why not put together your own by choosing individual cabinets, worktops and accessories? It might take a little more thought and planning than opting for standard designs, but it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Make sure the layout is spot on
In terms of layout, it’s best to position the elements you use most often in your kitchen, such as your sink, hob and fridge, close to one another. These convenient arrangements mean you will spend less time traipsing from one end of your cooking area to the other. Meanwhile, if you want to be able to enjoy meals in your kitchen, you’ll need to make sure you leave enough space for a table and some chairs.

Try playing around with different layouts until you’re completely satisfied that you’ve found the perfect solution and if you’re struggling to make the most of the square footage on offer, consider getting a professional designer to draw you up some plans.

Don't skimp on storage
Plenty of storage is a must in any family kitchen. If you’re to stand a chance of keeping this room clean and tidy, you’ll need enough cupboard and shelf space to house everything from your cutlery and crockery to your gadgets and ingredients. Make the most of the full height on offer in your room by opting for tall cabinets and choose corner units that pull out or feature carousels.

By following top design tips like these, you should succeed in creating the perfect kitchen.

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