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Roof Window in a Child's Bedroom

Finding the right blind for a roof window in the boys room.

Lewis and Jacob's bedroom is on top of and the length of the garage, which is a large sized room; with a bay window one end of the room, and a roof window at the other end of the room. It also is the coldest room in the house in winter, or the warmest room in the summer.

For the boys roof window we currently have a basic blind, in the colour of orange (they definitely want a different colour this time). The biggest issue for Lewis is the sunlight that peaks through the blind, which he exclaims "wakes him up too early in the morning". So we've started to search the internet to see if there are blackout blinds available for a roof window, and I was pleasantly surprised to find roofblinds.co.uk offers an array of VELUX products; VELUX being the most iconic brand, which are available in either Roller blinds or Venetian style.  They also offer an array of different types to suit all needs.

Energy Blinds - Not only blocks out the sun light, but also it will contribute to energy efficiency within your home. This is done with the honeycomb structure and an aluminium coating inside which improves the insulation effect of the window.  The aluminium coating improves the pleated blinds insulation effect by up to 21%.

Duo Blinds - A flexible blind, that offers you the feature to either use the pleated blind, and/or the black-out blind - giving you the added control to diffuse any extra light.

Insect Screens - Keeping out any unwanted little pests for when you want to open your roof window to let some fresh air in.

Awning Blinds - Reducing the heat from the sun and also controlling the daylight coming through, which is made with transparent cloth.

Disney Dream Collection - Available in 12 designs, a great option for a Disney fan's room.

And for me the most important accessory to have on a roof window within a child's room, has to be the VELUX security lock which enables you to lock your roof window, giving you an enhanced safety feature to stop any potential accidents and not forgetting it gives you peace of mind.

From previous experience VELUX blinds are easy to fit with the Pick & Click system:  all you do is connect it in and it clips on - securely.

For my choice on the new blind, it would have to be the VELUX Energy blind, it not only offers the boys the blackout they desire, but it also has some control over the energy efficiency within their room; with the potential to save on heating costs, and hopefully giving them a more comfortable environment within their bedroom.

Now we've just got to get the boys to agree on a colour for their new blind.

This is a paid sponsored post, written by myself.

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