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Beautify your Restaurant Business with Ceiling Tiles

Are you thinking about a nice improvement in your restaurant? Maybe you don’t need to think about spending a fortune on renovations. Perhaps the best way to beautify your restaurant is starting with the walls...Choose a different paint color and brighten up the entire space by applying ceiling tiles. There is a very wide palette of ceiling tiles available through www.TalissaDecor.com and they offer top quality products at reasonable prices.

All you need to do is start browsing among the products and choose the tiles that you like the most. There are Styrofoam tiles or faux tin tiles available, and each sub-category has dozens of models and patterns you can choose from. The best part? The ceiling tiles can be applied through a DIY project, and you don’t even have to hire specialized help. Just pay attention to the installation instructions, and purchase all the tools and accessories that you need. Then, within a few hours, you can set up a brand new ceiling within your restaurant. Your guests will be definitely impressed. 

About Styrofoam ceiling tiles

The Styrofoam ceiling tiles represent the best solution if you wish to cover up an unsightly ceiling (such as a popcorn ceiling). The good news is that you do not have to renovate the celling first, but you can just simply cover up that ugly ceiling with the Styrofoam tiles. Also, Styrofoam tiles are 100% paintable in any color that you wish. Therefore, if you do not wish to have a white ceiling, you can just paint your ceiling in any color that you wish.

Here is a handy video tutorial on how to install ceiling tiles over popcorn ceiling. Watch it, and then you will be able to perform your own project and make it look top professional. With some research online, you can come across dozens of such high profile tutorials on how to properly install Styrofoam ceiling tiles. The secret to a perfect job is to purchase only high quality tiles offered by reputable providers. Also don’t forget to purchase a few extra tiles than you need, in case you accidently cut or damage a piece. This way, you will have spare replacements to complete your project.

Styrofoam ceiling tiles can help bring more class and style to your restaurant. The Styrofoam tiles also require a relatively small investment, but you can make a big difference with your project. Why is it worth it to choose Styrofoam tiles?

  • Because you do not have to go through the tedious job of removing an old and unsightly popcorn ceiling
  • TalissaDecor produces top quality Styrofoam tiles that are manufactured from extruded polystyrene. This material is much more durable than regular polystyrene.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to handle during the installation project
  • Tiles that are moisture proof
  • Very easily to clean & practically maintenance free
  • Paint them any color that you wish
  • No special equipment required for the installation of the Styrofoam ceiling tiles
  • Apply them over traditional flat ceilings or popcorn ceilings. Cover up instantly any unsightly ceilings

You can get plenty of design ideas regarding the installation of Styrofoam ceiling tiles here. Just browse through the top quality pictures and you will be able to check out hundreds of DY ceiling tiles projects for both commercial and residential purposes. As you can easily note, you don’t really have to invest thousands in order to beautify your restaurant. You can just opt for the simplest yet most effective solution, represented by ceiling tiles.

If you would like something even more impressive, you can opt for the faux tin ceiling tiles. These are available in several pattern and colors, and with the help of these tiles, you can recreate the looks of authentic tin. You will instantly brighten up your space and make it much more beautiful and glittery with faux tin ceiling tiles.

Faux tin ceiling tiles are available in plenty of colors so that you can choose the one that suits best your locale.

  • White pearl and brass- goes wonderfully in an elegant restaurant where glitter and eleganceare your number one priority
  • White pearl and red- white in combination with red will give an instant ‘bright’ spirit to your entire space
  • Silver and purple- classy, elegant yet extremely trendy. Does this represent your business? Then, you might want to check out these beautiful tiles…
  • Aged copper- an extremely classical choice, which gives an instant “historical’ feel to your entire space. There are 11 different patterned tiles available in this color, so you should definitely check them out

The faux tin tiles offered by Talissa are extremely lightweight and easy to install. The tiles have 3D embossing in order to recreate that special appearance of authentic tin. The tiles are water, stain and moisture resistant which are all important requirements in a restaurant. The tiles are easy to clean, and they are virtually maintenance free. Moreover, the faux in tiles are guaranteed fire tested, and they are suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

So why start with extremely expensive investments in order to beautify your restaurant? Maybe all your business needs is a beautiful new paint finish and a new ceiling. This improvement will not even cost you a lot and these can be performed as DIY projects. 

Take a look at the impressive faux tin tiles available on the main website of Talissa, and decide which pattern would best suit your interiors. If you want to, you can so get the opinion of an expert to inform you which exactly pattern or design would go best for your restaurant.

The faux tin tiles are extremely attractive and versatile because they can even be mounted framed on the wall to create a 3D pattern that is amazing. The tiles can be mounted directly onto a flat ceiling, and you don’t need any specialized help. Start beautifying your restaurant today!


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