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Your wardrobe has seen trends come and go, but the basics are ones which lasted forever. Your favorite pair of black trousers or a plain white button-down, are key pieces you know would never go out of style or lose their street-chic appeal. With few of these key pieces on hand, though, you’ll always know what to reach for!

1) BLACK TROUSERS-  Black trousers are one of the few wardrobe mandatory that would work with just about anything else in your closet. The perfect pair has the power to truly transform how you look and feel!

2) WHITE SHIRT-  This being my personal favorite, a plain crisp white button-down would be the most timeless classic you could invest onto and team it up with almost anything and look really sexy in it!

3) PRINTED SCARF- One of my friend who I met while playing bingo online suggested me, that even on a day, where you almost feel that you have nothing to wear, a plain tee accessorised with a nice printed scarf as the 'bright' piece would just complete your look.

4) BLACK BLAZER- Laying up with well-fitting blazer is an effortless way to look classy and feminine. The best thing about it is that it look great on all body types, for both day or night.

5) NUDE PUMPS-  This fashion favorite has withstood the test of time because it is the go-to shoe for day or night, jeans or trousers or skirts, dressy occasions or more casual events. Whether worn as heels or perfect flats, a pair of nude pumps adds polish to any outfit.

So here were 5 tips of timeless pieces that can be paired with almost anything you have. If they are still missing from your closets, it's high time you get them for they would be an investment worth!

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