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Kwik Fit - Nostalgia Lane Competition

Kwik Fit - Nostalgia Lane Competition

When I look back on my childhood family holidays, I will often look back with a certain fondness, but there is one holiday that stands out for me,  the most memorable holiday from my childhood. 

It was one summer holiday in my teens when we travelled Europe, through France, Luxembourg, Germany to Switzerland and back to France.  We holidayed in our caravan, my dads' pride and joy - we had some amazing holidays and trips in that caravan, lots of fab memories.

When I look back at my time in Switzerland I often fondly reflect back on, the beautiful buildings, the turquoise lakes, the mountain with snow tops, our day splashing around in a waterfall, the wildlife - snakes swimming in the lakes or the hedgehogs that raided our awning. I remember going into a village searching for a traditional cuckoo clock. (which hung on our living room wall for years).

Switzerland is a beautiful and magical place, leaving lasting memories.

Now a days I am making holiday memories with my children, ones I hope they will look back on fondly too. Holidays bring holiday memories, and, often a sense of nostalgia for good times long gone. 

We've taken our children on some amazing holidays too, from Lapland to Mexico.  But, over the years our holiday habits have changed due to many reasons. A few years ago we looked forward to holidays abroad, but the past couple of years we have immersed ourselves more into staycations and are particularly enjoying it. It does mean we are travelling via car more, which is the only negative - as we have 2 boys that suffer from travel sickness and they dread the road trips.

Keeping kids occupied in the car has changed over the years, from when my oldest two were younger we would pack and take a portable DVD player and they would watch films, but now with the younger two they take iPads and watch YouTube and play games. But, as two of my boys suffer from travel sickness they do avoid too much screen time as this enhances the sickness, thus, they like to do simple things like i-Spy game etc.

Along with other bloggers, I've collaborated with Kwik Fit and shared my top tip for when it comes to keeping the kids entertained on a long family road trip you can see all the tips here.

Kwik Fit are running a  Nostalgia Lane Competition in their Family Hub, where you can enter to win £150 worth of Amazon vouchers, simply by describing a memorable road trip.

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