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Hubby's Beef Stew

For the past 18 years my hubby throughout the colder month's cooks us a cosy, warming, tasty beef stew. 

There is nothing more wintery than tucking into a stew on a cold day as you are sure to be warmed all the way down to your bones, and it will keep you nourished and full.  it’s easy to make, and this traditional recipe is packed full of yummy seasonal vegetables.  

It's a dish that will serve you well through long winters and making a stew isn't hard:

For your cooking equipment all you need a large pot with a lid. The Prestige casserole dish is perfect.


Beef stock 1ltr

2 tablespoons of worcestershire sauce

Thyme sprig

3 garlic cloves

Dumplings (ready made ones)

Stewing beef 500g


Sweet potatoes

2 large leeks




First get yourself prepared - chop up all the vegetables in to large chunks. 

Then in a large pot heat some oil up and add the beef - add the crushed garlic and thyme and cook until the beef is browned.  Add all the vegetables and pour in the stock along with the worcestershire sauce. Place in a pre-heated oven (140c) cook for approx. 3 hours.  2 hours in, add the dumplings.

Scope into a bowl, and enjoy with some crusty bread.

Such an easy dish, one that the whole family loves.

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