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Chicken and Chorizo Paella

Chicken and Chorizo Paella

I associate Paella with my dad. My Mum grew up in Spain and my Dad lived there, they met, fell in love, had me and moved back to the UK.  Growing up, my Dad would cook his big 'famous' Paella dish and he cooked it on the biggest pan I've ever seen.   

I've never before attempted to cook a Paella dish, not until Qwerkity sent me their Paella Pan gift set. 

The pan is a lot smaller than expected, but then I have only ever seen my Dad's massive Paella pan. Included in the gift set is the Paella rice, the olive oil, and sachets of Paella seasoning.  

Super excited to be making my own Paella I bought the other ingredients and made my very first Paella - and it tasted lovely. Maybe not as good as my Dad's but hubby loved it, thus, I will be doing the dish again, but next time maybe I will add fish in.


Paella rice - 100g per serving

1 lt. of hot chicken stock

400g Chicken pieces

100g Chorizo sausage

2 Tomatoes

200g green beans

180g haricot beans

1 pepper

1 garlic clove

25ml olive oil

1 sachet of Paella seasoing

Salt and pepper to season the meat


First I prepared all the ingredients.  I diced the chicken, sliced the chorizo, diced the tomatoes, prepared the green beans, haricot beans and sliced the pepper. Once everything was ready, I then heated the oil in the pan, and browned the chicken and chorizo. Next added the vegetables and stir-fried them for a few minutes.  

I then poured in the chicken stock and let it simmer for 15 minutes on a medium heat, making sure the chicken was done. At this point I add the rice and seasoning and stir to mix everything together.

Cooking on a low-medium heat for a further 15 minutes, stirring every few minutes. 

Once ready, serve to eat.

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Tapas and #Alhambra1925 #giveaway

Tapas and #Alhambra1925 #giveaway