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Why You Should Make London Your Next Family Holiday Destination

Nothing in this life beats a great family holiday. It’s a chance to break away from the mundane, and enjoy something out of the ordinary. More crucially, it’s a fantastic chance to create those magical memories that your family can cherish for a lifetime.

We all have travel bucket lists. However, you don’t need to go chasing exotic adventure to have a great family vacation. In truth, a city break to London could be the best option at your disposal. Most British families will take the occasional day trip to the capital. But it’s also the perfect destination for your next family holiday.

Here are 11 compelling reasons why you should consider on your shortlist.


When holidaying with children, you should never forget the importance of the journey. Let’s face it; a difficult trip can instantly put a downer on your vacation. Not only does it put you in a bad mood from the off, but it also leaves you fearing the return legs.

Early morning airport runs, long-haul flights and further travel to reach your final destination can be very testing. However, travelling to London is relatively easy from anywhere in the UK. The London Underground and public transport facilities make it a simple task to access the city once you’ve arrived too.

For foreign travellers, international links through Eurostar and multiple airports make life equally simple. Easy travelling will set a solid foundation for a less stressful vacation for parents and kids alike. What better starting point could you need?


Visiting a new country can be very exciting, but it can be a little daunting for children. Aside from the fear of travelling to another country, they’ve also got to handle the prospect of being in a different culture. That lack of familiarity can be quite scary, so staying in England can be very beneficial.

Simple pleasures like using English currency shouldn’t be underestimated. London is a fascinating place unlike any other in Britain. But there’s still the familiarity of seeing shops and other items that they get back home. Removing the prospect of language barriers can have a telling impact on your enjoyment.

Multicultural Pleasures

The general familiarity of being in your home country is great. But one of the wonderful things about London is the diversity. If you want to, you can embrace the city in a way that lets you enjoy a world of different cultures.

This could entail taking in different types of art and entertainment. Alternatively, it might be something as simple as trying worldwide foods. Not only is a great way to share some time as a family, but it also enhances those feelings that you are away on vacation.

London is home to such a vibrant culture that you can always tailor the adventure to suit your specific family requirements. Perfect.

A Chance To Educate

Travel broadens the mind, and holidays are a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the world and ourselves. Moreover, it’s a chance to impart wisdom onto your children. In turn, this could be very beneficial as they develop their individual passions in life.

Quite frankly, there’s no place like London for achieving this goal. Apart from the many galleries, the city is home to cultural landmarks that everyone should visit at least once. Walking around the Westminster area alone can bring you to Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, and Big Ben to name just three. Alternatively, you could book a bus tour at https://www.theoriginaltour.com/. Either way, it’s the ultimate chance to educate your children with one of the most enjoyable days out imaginable.

London also has some of the best museums, pop-over to read the Motherhood the Real Deal blog post covering the best ones to visit.

Celebrate Passions

Those educational rewards can help develop new passions. But your family already has favourite pastimes; London is an ideal place to embrace them. As far as entertainment is concerned, you cannot find anywhere better.

Arranging your trip to fit in with events on the sporting calendar could be the perfect answer to making this an unforgettable trip. It could mean watching the latest West End theatre show. Or perhaps your family is more focused on tennis and would prefer a trip to Wimbledon. Whatever you love doing, London will provide the ideal destination to fulfil those dreams.

The key to enjoying a great family holiday is to do things together. These events allow you to do that, and it’s something that you’ll all remember for years to come.


The perfect family holiday should offer plenty of adventures and excitement. However, modern life is frantic, and we can all appreciate the chance to recharge the batteries a little too. When travelling with kids, you’re never going to rest for a full week. But that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a little you time.

You could partake in these delights as a family. Alternatively, you could drop the kids off at an organised club for the day. Either way, finding a spa or place to relax in London won’t be difficult. In truth, there’s a strong possibility that the accommodation will provide facilities too.

Value For Money

One of the key items putting people off of London is the cost. However, the perceptions are often far worse than the reality. If you’re not careful, the capital can be very expensive indeed. As long as you’re responsible, though, it can still be a lot cheaper than an international holiday. For starters, you won’t be paying through the nose on travel.

Sightseeing and visiting places like Trafalgar Sq doesn’t have to cost a penny. Meanwhile, a trip to Hyde Park is truly wonderful for an afternoon of family fun. Likewise, you can often find street performances in Covent Garden and the Southbank. Aside from being cheaper, it’s a chance to see the true beauty of London too – the people.

Accommodation will probably be the big expense. But if you can’t find a decent solution, then there’s always the option to stay in the surrounding areas and get a train into the city.

Fun 365 Days A Year

Advancements to international travel have made the world feel like a smaller place than ever before. And there are some truly wonderful destinations out there. Many of them are very reliant on the seasons, though. Not London. Regardless of the timing, the capital will always offer a brilliant holiday.

You can never rely on the weather, but London has plenty of indoor facilities to battle those potential issues. Meanwhile, winter months can be a wonderful time to visit too. Along with the markets, Winter Wonderland is the perfect attraction for family fun. It’s a great way to build those festive spirits too. Find out more at http://www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com/.

In today’s busy world, simply getting time off work can be a hassle. No matter when those breaks come, London will guarantee a great vacation.

Less Planning

As with any holiday, organising your trip to London does require some work. However, it’s far less stressful than alternative options.

For starters, you don’t need to worry about planning months and months in advance. Quite frankly, you could decide to make a late decision and still have a great adventure. There’s no need for worrying about VISAs, injections, and special holiday outfits. With travel and accommodation booked, you’re virtually set to go.

The spontaneous adventures are often the best ones too. And with less time spent planning, you can spend more time enjoying the capital with those people you love most.

No Boredom

By now, you’ve probably realised that London has a bit of everything. Some holiday destinations are brilliant for a short trip but become boring quite quickly. Conversely, London is a place where even the locals don’t have time to soak it all in. And keeping your kids entertained on holiday has to be a key priority.

Being bored on holiday feels like a waste. Furthermore, being asked when it’s time to go home can be rather demoralising. In London, your stay will never feel too long. Best of all, it’s suited to people of all ages. And as long as you’ve enjoyed the trip, it can only be considered a success.

Great Photos

Enjoying the holiday is one thing, but it’s also nice to have reminders of that great trip. You can always find souvenirs to reminisce about the vacation. However, the best item is those family photographs.

With so many world famous backdrops, London is a great place to take photos that will eventually brighten up your home. You can find out about turning those images into canvas art http://www.my-picture.co.uk/. Not only will it give the home a unique vibe, but it’s a constant source of happiness to pick you up when you’re feeling down.

When combined with the immediate rewards of the holiday itself, it creates the perfect full package. And don’t worry about it ruining future day visits to the capital, they’ll still be as exciting as always.





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