My mini bucket list

My mini bucket list, on what adventures I would like to experience and achieve over the next few years.

You won't get me in a hot air balloon, not in a million years! I'm too shit scared to do a parachute jump; thus I would prefer to avoid anything to do with heights, thank you - Paint balling, ouch no way, I would just  would spend the whole time hiding so I don't get shot - so what would I like to experience, without sounding too boring - boring is safe though huh?!

I would definitely love to experience

White Water Rafting - a fast-paced adventure through powerful, fast flowing rapids. Now this isn't boring and this is something I would love to do.

Kayaking - when we were kids, our parents took us on holidays in Europe with our caravan, and we spent many hours with our boats in the Swiss lakes, and on the Black forest lakes - I loved it and would love to take my boys kayaking.

Driving -Skid control or Drifting - I've always fancied myself as a bit of a show off in the car. I think it would not only teach you and give you a valuable driving experience, it would be super fun as well.

Gorge Walking- if I can pluck up the courage! I can handle getting wet, but I would not be so sure about tackling the ledges, although, I would give it ago and do my best, push myself to the limit.

Photograph course a landscape course, or safari course - being a blogger, taking photos is a big part of my blog, and something I would love to learn more about, to learn what all those settings on my camera do. 

Animal keeper  - to get up close and personal with some pretty fantastic animals. I love animals and I know this experience would be amazing - a dream come true.

I don't think my list is boring, it is full of fun, adrenaline adventure, with a mix of some more educational, enjoyable life experiences, thus  into the blue experiences.

What do you think of my list?