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Unusual Locations for the Most Memorable Wedding Reception

Unusual Locations for the Most Memorable Wedding Reception

Photo by  Marisa Morton  on  Unsplash

Unusual Locations for the Most Memorable Wedding Reception

You can have the most elegant wedding dress and the most romantic setting for the ceremony itself, but if your reception is lacklustre,then you stand a good chance of ruining your special day. The reception is an easily underappreciated element of your wedding day, and it will pay off on the day itself if you make the location and ambience unique. The good news is that the UK isrife with plenty of beautiful wedding reception destinations. With a little forethought and some fun planning, you could be enjoying the glow of your post-wedding bliss in some of the most stunning locations in Britain.

Best for Animal Lovers

Having a wedding reception in the local community centre or pub is a cheap and easy solution to your plans, but it’s not going to be memorable or beautiful no matter how much you decorate with lights and tablecloths. If you and your future spouse are animal lovers, then you might want to consider looking at a wildlife-themedvenue, such as the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and Mansion in Kent. With an incredible on-site animal reserve, you can even take your wedding itself to the grounds. Port Lympne has a variety of stunning environments to choose from, with the Italian inspired terraces a popular choice. Post-wedding activities are not going to be difficult either, with guests able to take part in a VIP safari that can even involve incredible giraffe feeding.

Best for Embracing the Great Outdoors

Although the weather in the UK can be more than a little temperamental, having a wedding reception in the great outdoors has never been more popular. You have a wide range of options available to choose from, and whether you choose a natural cliff edge vista or a field in the middle of the beautiful, English countryside, it’s wise to be prepared. Consider sudden weather changes and always opt for the best from Posh Garden Marquees that will compliment the elegance of your wedding ceremony. Using an outdoor location for your reception will mean that the younger guests will have the space to run around and exhaust themselves, as the grown ups enjoy the lush surroundings.

Best for Cultural Resonance

There’s nothing like a little historical splendour to add a unique touch to your reception and to your wedding day itself. All across the United Kingdom,there are castles and country homes with long and fascinating histories, but if you want some dramatic impact to your reception,then you won’t go far wrong with The Crypt at Bleeding Heart in East London. Not only is it the site where King Henry VIII once held a three-day wedding feast way back in 1531, but there’s something truly magical about this London spot. Expect some jokes about beheading, but allow yourself just to sit backand relax in the stunning gothic architecture.

While the majority of your wedding preparations will be focusedon the ceremony itself, it’s always a good idea to give some serious thought to the kind of reception that you and your partner are dreaming about. Choose a destination that reflects your relationship and your shared interests, and your reception will be the ideal end of your special day, and the best start to your future together.


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