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The Beginners Guide to Vaping


In a definition provided by the Oxford Dictionary, vaping involves an activity of inhaling and exhaling a vapour produced by a device like an e-cigarette. The e-juice is heated, which is what creates the vapour, the user of the device is then able to obtain nicotine without the need to smoke a tobacco cigarette. 

E-Cigarette Anatomy 

After the invention of the first e-cigarette, more consumers have shown an interest in potential benefits that these devices are able to provide. This is the reason for a major vaping industry that comes with countless customisable options dedicated to all types of users. However, navigating through the available options can be complex for a brand-new vapour. For this reason, we offer information on the different parts in these devices. 

1. Batteries

The batteries in these devices is are the actual powerhouse that provide the heat and the energy needed to vaporize with an e-juice or an e-liquid. Batteries are built-into the small electronic cigarettes, which look a lot like a traditional cigarette. The rechargeable along with replaceable batteries are found in the vaping devices that are more advanced. The battery sizes are what determines how long the vape will last, while large batteries allow for uninterrupted and lengthier vapes. The lithium batteries are charged using an outlet and/or with a USB cable. 

2. The Wick, Atomizer and Coil

The battery in a vaping device provides the power into the atomizer that houses the wick along with the heating-coil. In more basic models, the atomizer is situated inside a tank, while in more advanced vaping devices, users are able to choose from RBAs, stand-alone atomizers and RDAs. The wick and coil in the atomizer are what allows for transformation of e-liquids into a vapour. 

The wick in a vape device carries e-juice or e-liquid inside the tank into the coils where it heats up. These wicks are constructed from either eko-wool, twisted silica-cords, steel mesh or ceramic. The coils are made from resistance wires that look like springs. The diameter along with wrap numbers in a coil affect the resistance, which determines electricity that is required to power the device, along with the heat that is produced. These coils are usually made from NiChrome or Kanthal, with more recent models featuring Nickel.

3. The Tanks, Cartomizer and Clearomisers

The cartridges, cartomizers and clearomisers are known as the subsets in the category of the Tanks. This is the mechanism that houses the e-liquids. In the vaping industry the tank is referred to as a storage container which is advanced that offers a number of capacities and special features. 

Clearomisers and a cartomizer are similar because they both screw off from the actual device when refilling your tank. Clearomisers comes with a plastic pane which allows you to view how much of the e-liquid remains inside the tank. These clearomisers make use of silica wicks that moves the e-juices into the coils. This part of a vaping device is easy to maintain and keep clean. The cartomizer uses polyfill substances which move the e-liquids. This part requires priming before use and is harder to maintain. 

4. E-Liquids or E-Juices

The e-liquid which also goes by the name of e-juice, is stored inside the tank until heated inside the atomizer. E-liquids or e-juices are sold individually from your actual vaporizer and come in small plastic or glass bottles. They also come in a number of different types, flavours and strengths. The primary ingredients are made up of nicotine, flavourings, VG and PG. 

PG, which stands for Propylene Glycol is one of the common preservatives and additives found in plastic and food. For a vapour, PG offers a heightened throat hit when compared to the VG e-liquids. Even though they offer more intense flavours, the PGs produce a lower vapour and are thinner. Even though preservative qualities in PGs offer a longer shelf life, a few vapours are allergic or sensitive to these e-liquids. 

For the vapers that represent a sensitivity to PG, there is the option of VG which stands for Vegetable Glycerin. The VG e-juices are sweeter and much thicker than PG e-liquids and produce thicker and denser vapor clouds. Even though the denser clouds have a slight affect on how these liquids taste, they are 100% hypoallergenic which makes them a preferred choice for many vapers. However, the majority of the e-juices contain a mixture of VG and PG that arrives at differing vaping experiences. 

The e-juices are also available in either no nicotine or nicotine levels. These include 0mg, which are nicotine free juices, 6mg which is a low-level nicotine, the 12mg which is a medium-level nicotine, and the 18mg which is high level. There is even a very high level of 24mg and more which are known as maximum nicotine-levels. These e-liquids come in an array of choices when it comes to flavours which include juicy, sour, sweet, savoury and more. 


E-Cigarette Types

- The Cig-A-Like

These e-cigarette looks like real cigarettes. There slender and sleek design is what makes it simple to use as well as portable. The majority of the e-cigs that are disposable fall into this category. In most cases the “Cig-a-like” has a cartridge and a combination of a battery and atomizer. This device is ideal for beginner vapours, yet they soon become costly to replace.

- Vape Pens

The vape pen is more sturdy and bulkier than a “Cig-a-like” and feature 3 distinct parts. These include a mouthpiece, a clearomisers and the combination of battery along with an atomizer. These devices are reusable making them more cost effective. They also deliver outstanding taste, performance and style. These devices are suitable for intermediate vapours who already have a bit of experience with e-cigarette products or terminology. Nearly all the e-liquid we stock works in these vape devices. 

- APVS and Box Mods

The Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) and Box Mods contain a larger coils and a larger battery. They produce much bigger vapour clouds and last for a lot longer. They come with a mouthpiece, atomizer, battery and clearomisers and provide enhanced hits that suit the experienced vapour. They contain a lot more customizable pieces and components that happen to be more suitable for the vapours that are more advanced. 

5. Safety

While an e-cigarette is a safer choice to tobacco cigarettes, precautions are needed to make sure of vaping experiences of quality. This means only using the charger that is provided with the device and to remove from charge when the battery has reached full charge. Batteries need to be kept separate and never allow these terminals to come into contact with one another. It is also important to keep your vaping device away from heat. 

Make sure your e-juices are stored in safe dark places, out of reach of pets and especially children. You should avoid licking or swallowing e-liquids and contact poison control if someone has accidentally swallowed an e-juice. It is important to be aware of the PG allergies and then change to VG if you show any symptoms of an allergy or sensitivity to the e-juices. It is important to talk to a health practitioner if you have any concerns about vaping.

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