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Marketing your Home the Right Way

Marketing your Home the Right Way

Brits are a nomadic bunch. We move home a lot. Most people, in the UK, end up living in at least ten different homes.

Other Europeans move home far less, for example, most Spaniards only move three or four times in their lifetime. In the UK, life is a bit more complicated and we regularly have to move to accommodate the changing needs of our family.

Therefore, the chances are that a big percentage of the people that are reading this now are in the process of moving home. They are either looking for a new house or trying to sell their property, often both, so, this page should be of use to quite a few of you.

Here are a few tips to help you to market your UK home.   

Find a good agent

The most important step is finding a good agent. Estate agents are still the place people go when they want to buy a new home, so using one is still a great way for you to market your house. The best Estate Agents in York and other cities and towns have the necessary experience to market your property effectively, and secure a good price for you.

Prepare your home

Once you have done that, the next step is to get your house ready to market. Your agent can help you with this. They understand what modern buyers are looking for. Therefore, it makes sense to ask them for advice. For example, your local agent will be able to tell you whether you should be presenting your box room as a spare bedroom or as an office.


Going through each room and clearing away some of the clutter will greatly improve the way your home looks. It will make your home look cleaner and tidier. De-cluttering is a chance for you to get ahead on the packing, and ditch some of the junk you have.

Putting some of your furniture in storage or giving it away is also worth considering. Doing so will create more space and make your rooms look bigger, which will make your house more appealing to prospective buyers.


You need to present your home in the best possible light, so it is worth doing a bit of decorating. The idea is for a prospective buyer to walk into your home and be able to see themselves living there. Giving each room a lick of paint, in a neutral colour, can really help with this. It freshens up the property and provides a neutral palette for prospective buyers to work with.

Spring clean

Going through your home and spring-cleaning is also well worth doing. Getting the carpets cleaned and cleaning the windows will not take long, and will greatly improve the way your house looks.

Once you have done all of this get the agent round. That way your home will look as good as possible in the photos. This will help it to stand out from other properties.

If you would like to learn more about the moving habits of UK residents, you can do so here.

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