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Going on holiday? Don't Forget to Do These Crucial Things!

When you’re going on holiday, there is a lot to plan in advance. Gone are the days where a weekend away meant throwing some clothes into a bag and heading out the door. Having children puts paid to all that sort of spontaneous behaviour. Most people think that all there is to do when they go on holiday is make sure any loose ends at work are tied up, and pack their bags. If only life were that simple! With a little preparation, you can make sure your holidays goes without a hitch!

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Don’t leave it until the day before your departure - there are things that need doing before you’re ready to go anywhere. Make sure you have all your documentation for travel all available and in one place. We’re talking passports, tickets, visas, proof of your bookings and your travel insurance. It makes sense to make a copy of everything and keep it in a separate place. This will save you a lot of time, money and heartache should you run into any problems later on. Don’t forget your driving licence and proof of address if you want to hire a car on your vacation.

If you’re going on holiday in Europe, you’ll want to make sure you have a European Health Insurance card. When you book your holiday, you should check to see if you need any particular vaccinations. Don’t be tempted to skip these, there’s a reason they are meant to be mandatory!

Have a pet? Then you need to book a kennel or a cattery if you don’t have anyone your furry friend can stay with while you are on holiday. It makes sense to leave a trusted person a key, too, in the case of an emergency. They can also make sure everything’s ok in your home while you have your well-earned break.

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If you want to ensure you’ve got everything you need to take with you, then don’t do what so many of us are guilty of. Yes, packing the night before you’re going on your vacation. The best packing hack is to start a few days before - but don’t actually put it in the suitcase yet. If you need to use something you’ve already packed, then you’re going to undo all of your hard work. Make a some room that’s cleared for you to lay out all of your stuff, and make a list of everything you need. Use this as a tick list when you do finally come to put everything in your luggage.

Before you leave, make sure you spend some time getting your house in order. It’s depressing enough coming home after a holiday, never mind coming back to a tip! Take the bins out, take any perishable food out the fridge and make sure you’ve done the dishes. No one wants to come back to a smelly house full of flies! And lastly, don’t forget to cancel milk or newspaper deliveries.

By just following these tips, you can make sure your holiday goes smoothly. Have an awesome holiday!


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