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Toddler Sleep Problems? All The Secrets You Need To Know

Toddlers. They are adorable and frustrating all in one go right? Especially if they are having problems with their sleep. They need sleep to function, to be happy and settled. Why don’t they realise that? However a lot of the time when a toddler is having difficulty with their sleep it’s normally something easy to resolve. Here are a few of the most common toddler sleep problems and a few secrets to help you combat them.

My toddler won’t nap.

You know he still needs that time during the day. He always sleeps much better at night when he has had one. But yet your little one won’t go down for their nap in the day anymore. This could be a few different reasons. But they may be overstimulated, or had too much TV or Screen time on a tablet.

The way to try and resolve this would be to establish a little nap time routine. It could be a less time-consuming version of bedtime such as reading a story and having a cuddle.

It’s also worth trying to stick to a regular time and consistency is the key.


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My toddler is getting too big for his cot.



It’s inevitable that our little ones will grow and soon be out of the cot and ready for a toddler bed. This can be quite a daunting time and can unsettle their sleep. It’s worth looking into some children's cabin beds and making the transition.


The way to do this smoothly is by a gradual process. First allow them to spend nap times in it, and the bedtime routine. Making a slow transition into the “big boy” or ‘big girl's” bed. Being in the bed instead of a cot will help with their sleep as they have more space to get comfortable.

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My toddler is over-stimulated and won’t settle.

Everything is new and exciting for toddlers, so it’s no surprise that they can get overstimulated easily. Just meeting a new person or being out for the day can cause it. Although you can’t predict when it will happen there are few things to remember to try and avoid over-stimulation.

Alternating the type of play between something stimulating and quiet time can help your toddler to relax throughout the day. It’s also worth establishing a consistent routine and even a naptime if they need it. Consistency is always the key as unpredictable days from one extreme to another can have a stimulating effect on your little one.

If they go to bed later, will the sleep in later?

The thought process behind it makes total sense. Later to be, later to get up but this is not the case. Like us, toddlers have that natural wake up point. An over-tired child will never settle as easy, and it could cause more problems in the long run.

Of course, there are ways to combat an early riser. Things like explaining about light and dark. Dark is nighttime; light is morning. Also, if you hear your toddler wake try and leave them for a little way. They may have a whinge or cry but quite often they will settle back to sleep for a little while. Of course, if they sound upset, then go to them.

I hope some of these secrets will help you combat some toddler sleep problems. Please note that this is a post written on experience and any persistent problems should be checked by a doctor.


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