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Once Upon A Holiday

In the spirit of Mark Warner's search for bloggers to join their team of ambassadors for 2016, one of the options was Creative Writing profile, thus, I thought I would have some fun and try my creative writing skills out, sharing what the perfect holiday would be - Which in hindsight is simple, as long as it is with my hubby and kids, no matter where it is, then that is the perfect holiday to me - although one dream is to take the boys skiing for the first time and sharing that experience with them.

Here is a little piece I put together:

This is the tale of a blogger and her family and a dream.  

Once upon a time, there was a blogger....

who had a dream, lots of dreams, probably too many dreams of that extra special holiday.   

This blogger lived in a 'castle' with her family.  She was lucky in love, with 4 beautiful children, she had a good job and enjoys a hobby she loves (blogging). This blogger considers herself a very lucky person, with 3 gorgeous princes's that make her proud every day, a king who is her best friend and more, and she gets to take care of her step-grandprincess as her full guardian.

Life in the blogger 'castle' is full of love and laughter, but it is also fast and furious - the days rush away with no hope of slowing down.

And, sometimes the blogger would like time to slow down, a couple of weeks to fly away, to a holiday 'castle' leaving behind all the daily royal tasks - this would be the dream. A new abode for the week in a foreign country, somewhere special, so this blogger can spend time with her family, sharing new sights, sharing memories and experiences.

Enjoying each others company and just being together, whether sunbathing next to each other on a white sunny beach or skiing (attempting) down a piste.

But once upon a time.... they had a special holiday abroad booked, one that was long overdue and one that the whole family were looking forward too. But then one morning an evil villain marched onto a beach, and everything changed. Thus, that dream holiday abroad was lost - but not was all lost as the blogger and her family stayed in a beautiful woodland lodge, surrounded by deer, squirrels and large pigeons; along with typical British weather, it rained a lot, and instead of golden surrongs and glass flipflops they holidayed in macs and wellies.

One day maybe one day the blogger's fairy godfather will appear, and this blogger will get to wear her beautiful golden surrong and her children will get to play with their magical snorkels. 

This blogger awaits her 'happy' ending...  she waits for her knight in shining armour to maybe make her a #MarkWarnerMum.

This is my entry for to become a MarkWarner ambassador 2016 as a creative writer profile.


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