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How to Make Herb and Garlic Butter

Recently I wrote about the #GoGreen challenge where I grew my own indoor herbs.

Since growing my herbs, I've been looking forward to using them, I wanted to make something simple, but also something I will use and enjoy, thus I made some super easy-to-make herb and garlic butter. 

Herb and garlic butter is a great condiment to have in the freezer as you can use it to add taste and flavour to many different dishes: garlic bread, or stuff it under chicken skin, or spread it on a steak - you can even mix it in with mashed potato - Yummy.

It is easy to make, and you can create different flavours, by using different herbs.


Herb and Garlic Butter:

3 cloves garlic, you can use more, depends on your taste.

250g of butter.

A hand full of herbs - I used my fresh basil and I also added parsley.

1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Pinch of salt and pepper.


First I beat the butter with my mixer, until it was fluffy. 

I then crushed the garlic and added some salt and pepper. 

Using my mortar and pestle, I mashed up my herbs, I poured in a little olive oil, mixed together and added the garlic. Finally, I added the herb mix to the fluffed up butter, and mixed. 

I wrapped it in cling film, and popped straight into the freezer, so it is now ready and available for when I need it.

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