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Green Giant Minions Challenge #greengiantminions

26th June sees the release of the new Minions movie at the cinemas; this time the Minions are on an adventures with Stuart, Bob and Kevin as they search for a new evil master to serve.  We can't wait to go see it, and I definitely plan to take the boys to the cinema to see this one. 

And, to celebrate, Green Giant is challenging bloggers to create the ultimate Minion-inspired summer snack. So I decided to make potato skins for the kids, to snack on at lunch-time, and this is my first time making potato skins.

Green Giant Sweetcorn is a perfect ingredient for family mealtimes: Not only are you giving them something healthy and nutritious, but they also love the taste.

2 Jacket potato's
1 tin of Green Giant Sweetcorn
Pot of Cottage cheese
Olive olive

First coat the jacket potato's in oil, before placing them in a hot oven to bake for one hour.(200C).  Take them out of the oven and cut them in half length ways, scooping out the flesh of the potato and placing it into a bowl. 

I then mixed the flesh with the cottage cheese add a bit of seasoning and mash together. Spoon the mixture back into the potato skin. Finally, I placed the Green Giant Sweetcorn on the potato skin and put back into the oven for 20 minutes.

Do check out Green Giant Minions promotional packs to win a family holiday – you have until 27th December 2015 to enter.

This is my entry into the Tots100 Green Giant Minions Challenge.

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