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Project 365 #9


Another week has come and gone, which leads us into March eekkk.  

Monday: My best friends father funeral today; we grew up together, they were our neighbours, it was a very sad day for a lovely man that will be greatly missed.

Tuesday: Jacob's new outfit, with his Nerf guns, and Jake and Finn sword sticking down the back- he loves it, and I think he looks pretty cool as Thor.

Wednesday:  Lewis's birthday today - after school we had family around, and I cooked pulled pork and chilli. It was a good evening and Lewis enjoyed himself.

Thursday: Jacob sitting on Summer's ride-on with a bag on his head.

Friday: We took Lewis and a few of his friends bowling, Jacob joined in and afterwards we went and got McDonalds.

Saturday: Summer loving her Snow White costume, I think she has worn it every day since it arrived - Snow White is her favourite princess.

Sunday: Jacob and Summer lined up their chairs, they sat in them, along with Summer teddies and watched cartoons.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday