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Project 365 #8

Half term week, our week was a bit up and down, the sickness bug went through most of us and we celebrated a birthday. I love having my kids around me, thus I love half term.

Monday - A busy day, I took the kids to Pirate Petes in the afternoon, and then when hubby got home from work we popped round to see my brother-in-law forhis birthday.

Tuesday - For Shrove Tuesday we cooked pancakes.

Wednesday - Liam was going out with his mates, he always does his hair in the living room mirror. Summer got up in front of the mirror, so he had to do her hair for her as well.

Thursday - Summer was poorly and had the sick bug, so Jacob kept himself amused by dressing up and playing with his Nerf guns.

Friday - My 2 nephews came around for the afternoon, the boys played outside on the penny boards. Hubby came home from work, the sickness had caught up with him.

Saturday - We cleaned the carpets today, the boys took advantage of the moved sofas using them as defence walls and they had a Nerf gun battle.

Sunday - Liam had his weekly Sunday football match, their team won and they are still top of the league. I spent most of the day on the couch feeling not so good, Summer sang me songs and played her harmonica.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday