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Project 365 #7




Monday - both Liam and Lewis was off school with illness; so no swimming for Jacob. However, by the afternoon, Jacob had made a quick recovery and soon enough Jacob and Summer were playing around and laughing.

Tuesday - Everyone back to school and before we headed out to school, Jacob and Summer were playing with Harvey and saying 'Paw' so he would give his paw.

Wednesday - A pretty quiet day, this photo is taken of Jacob shuffling along the school fence.

Thursday - When the kids are at school, I normally let Shadow our bearded dragon, out to run around. 

Friday - Lewis and Summer looking at DVDs and what to watch after school. Summer dressed in her Sofia dress again.

Saturday - Lewis and Jacob playing Frustration the board game. 

Sunday - The two older boys keep complaining about having Sunday Roast every week, so I proposed we cooked pulled pork and it went down a treat.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday