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Project 365 #6


Monday - Summer was jumping on the ice on the ground. 

Tuesday - Lewis came home with a 'Student of the half-term' certificate, which he was pleasantly surprised to receive, and quite pleased about it, as was I.

Wednesday - Hubby was away on a managers conference for a couple of days, so the kids and I chilled for the evening, Summer watching Boxtrolls.

Thursday - Hubby back home, as always he comes home with loads of goodies, lots of bags, pens, torches, cups and sweets. The kids all got excited and they shared out the goodies. I let the kids stay up and wait for hubby to get home, which was just before 10, and the kids were so excited to see him, it was a nightmare to get them to bed. So late night for all.

Friday - Summer sitting waiting for Jacob to come out of school. 

Saturday - Both Summer and Jacob between them eat a whole cucumber a day, they snack on big chunks of it - better than crisps. Jacob's always been like it and Summer has picked it up from him, so now they both snack on cucumber.

Sunday - It was my dad's birthday on Saturday, but on the Sunday they had all the family around for dinner. All the kids love playing together and this photo is Summer and my niece - they're best friends, when they are not fighting.

Silent Sunday

Project 365 #5