Star Monster Series 2

Kids love collecting swappable toys. They can collect them, swap them, play with them and display them.

Collectibles allow children to swap and trade with their friends with them aim to collect a full set - or at least get the ultra rare ones! Children have collected all sorts over the years, from when I was little it was good old simple conkers, to when my teenage son was little he would collect Crazy Bones (these were massive - schools, including, my sons, were banning them due to incidences). Now Summer loves collecting Num Noms.  Thus, I knew Jacob and Summer would love the new Star Monster series. 

With each Star Monster pack you can't tell which ones you are going to get, they inevitably end up with lots of the same figures, and none of others. This is when the swapping happens.  

What are they?

Each monster is formed from a triangular star that has fallen to earth.  Series 2 contains another 72 figures to collect. New additions include the crystal variant and three new families, Essential Monsters, Evolved Monsters and Rare Monsters.

Each blind bag pack contains two Star Monsters for £1, and you also get two stickers in each pack too. With the starter pack it includes the sticker album. So you get to collect the Monsters and their matching stickers, which you fill the sticker album up with.

You can also get the mini capsules which are a great addition to the collection. They are basically small fold flat ledges, where you can connect and stack them to display your monsters on - Jacob has them on his shelves, proudly displaying his Monsters.

The starter pack costs £4 and for that you receive the sticker book, the arena (which you can play using your Monsters three different games), 3 blind bag packs and some stickers - everything to get your started.

The sticker album is packed full of interesting facts about each of the different Monsters, and it also informs you about the ultra rare Star Monsters that you can try to collect.

You can play three different games with the arena: Duel, Capsule, and Race. On the other side of the arena poster, it shows all the 72 characters in series 2 that you can collect.