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Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer

Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer


I absolutely love the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer! It is truly fantastic and the kids love it. 

So what is it?

It's an interactive, educational, smart globe with a cool wireless updatable touch pen and 3D augmented reality. There is so much to do, to discover, to learn, to interact with, the fun is endless, and the whole time you are on an educational journey with this amazing globe.

So what is included:

The Globe

There is something magical and inspiring about exploring a standard globe, where traditionally you would spot and share knowledge, but with this the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer, it's so much more - you get to experience the globe with smart interactive tech.

The Smart Learning Pen

You use the Smart Learning talking Pen to reveal tons of fun facts related to continents, capitals, populations, geography, culture and much more. It also has multiple age settings, making it fun for all the family, from Summer who is 5, Jacob is 8 to my older two sons, Lewis 14 and Liam 17 (including hubby and I) - there’s fun for all the family and some pretty cool inbuilt games.

3D Augmented Reality

We downloaded the Smart Globe App on the iPad, the kids utilised the 3D Augmented Reality experiencing exciting additional visual content bringing to life landscapes, animals, dinosaurs and more. It is pretty cool.

Inside the Globe

The globe opens up to reveal the earth’s core and the solar system, both of which have inbuilt AR content. The Smart Globe Exploration takes you on a journey to planet Earth and the Solar System.

Jacob, Lewis, and Summer have had hours of fun with the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer and they continue to love exploring #AWorldOfLearning through games, challenges and playing with the additional augmented reality content!

RRP £129.99, the SmartGlobe Explorer is quite simply, amazing.

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