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i-Top is the latest generation of electronic spinning top game. It's really addictive too, tons of fun.

i-Top is a combination of the traditional spinning top but with an electronic upgrade. It has an electronic LED counter that counts your spins!

How it works

Easy to play. You spin it with your fingers just like any other spinning top. The I-Top counts how many revolutions and displays the number while it's spinning. The display is LED and easy to read - you watch it count as it spins, it's pretty cool.

When the i-Top isn't spinning, the row of LED's is used to program what "mode" you are in.

There are three game modes:

First is to just get the highest number of rotations you can. Which is perfect to challenge yourself and/or challenge others.

Another mode, you try to stop the top when it hits a certain number of rotations.- this one is really challenging, and will keep you trying for hours.

With the next mode, you have to spin your top right-left successively without ever exceeding 30 spins. Once unlocked, it will show you north, south, east and west.

For every mode, it will show the high score and the score from the last spin. There are additional hidden modes that can be unlocked.

i-Tops is a very addictive game, but tons of fun.

I-Tops would make a great gift for gadget loving adults, and kids. It's a great game to challenge each other and play together - it's portable too so you can take it with you wherever to keep you entertained. i-Top It is available in colours: blue, red, orange, purple and green. Jacob wants to collect them all.

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