Skirting Board

Earlier this year we embarked on having an extension built for what will become our new living room. And this week it is finally done (well nearly, just a few bits and pieces to touch up). The final piece of the puzzle was the skirting board and architrave and we had it fitted yesterday.

Fed up with carpets (4 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats, trying to keep the carpet nice, is near on impossible) thus, we decided to go for the luxury vinyl flooring, which I hope will be much easier for us to maintain. We had to wait for this to be fitted first, but after being delayed for a while, it finally went down on the weekend, and I am pleased with it. Then the final piece for our new living room was the skirting board.

As we are going for plain white walls, I wanted a wood effect skirting board, not white. I don't want white skirting board, as no matter what type of white paint we varnished them with, they would, in the end,  turn the horrid yellowy white.  I also wanted a skirting board that didn't have any grooves (which can be a pain to clean). I wanted a nice smooth rounded finish - hoping that it would make it so much easier to keep clean.

The Skirting Board Shop very kindly sent me enough rounded one edge light oak veneer skirting board and matching architrave for our new living room, and it is just perfect! It's fully finished, which means we don't have to stain it - so much easier.

It's better than I was expecting. It's finished our living room off perfectly, giving the room a nice border/frame.  

The skirting board and architrave arrived well packed, wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap, so it didn't get damaged.  I also liked how it comes in long lengthed planks (although that was a challenge for us to store) it was perfect for our 24ft long living room.

I got my brother to install it in the evening (he's a carpenter), he used Gorilla glue and his nail gun (even though it is a new extension, it wasn't as straight as we would have liked). We will cover the tacks with wax that matches the colour of the skirting board, so you can't see the nails.

If you are looking for skirting board, then take a look at The Skirting Board Shop - they offer a wide range of products – sizes and finishes, which makes life so much easier, as they are a one stop shop for your skirting board and architrave needs.

We are currently renovating the dining room, which used to be the living room, and I will be ordering the same skirting board and architrave from The Skirting Board Shop to continue in these rooms.