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Summer's Nursery

Current nursery - in mamas & papas theme.
Whilst going through the assessment for Summer to come live with us, we had a tough journey. It was the not knowing where we stood or whether she would be granted to come live with us, or if not would we all loose her to adoption with another family.  Going through this hard period we did not want to disturb the boys, so we decided that we would not make any changes to the house, and we did not prepare a bedroom for her etc..

When we were given the fantastic news that Summer was coming to live with us, we then had to make the massive adjustment, a baby girl was coming to live with us!  We decided to move Jacob into Lewis's room to share with Lewis - they get on great anyhow, and Lewis has the biggest room and we didn't think it would be to fair to move Liam (A teenager) around, or ask him to share a room with Lewis - even though they do most of the time get on, they do not always see eye to eye.

Once the boys agreed and were happy, we then made the changes so Summer could have Jacob's old room; the nursery. We got the cot out of the loft, purchase a single white wardrobe and that was really it, that was all we did - no decorations because we did not have anytime to do so, and also Jacob's old room was not too boyish. It would do for now!

The time has now come to decorate Summer's room, and we decided on a Peppa Pig theme, mainly because she likes to sit and watch Peppa Pig with Jacob and I think she would enjoy her room with lots of Peppa Pig around.

We are going for Pink walls with Dulux Endurance Matt Emulsion Paint Sorbet colour, white ceiling and white gloss skirting.  There is no need for a new carpet, as the one in there now is in perfect condition and a neutral cream.

What we have brought so far:

I am looking forward to getting her room done as I know she is going to love it! Watch out for the postings for when her room is done!

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