Be Bold With Your Child’s Bedroom Design

When thinking about interior design for our homes we often forget to cover one important room – the kids’ bedroom! Providing children with a personal space in which they can thrive, learn and play is important and a real opportunity to unleash your repressed creativity.

Kids' bedrooms are the place to go big and bold. A little bit of imagination, some tins of paint and someone with a few rudimentary DIY skills and you can easily transform a plain room into an international space station, castle, jungle treehouse, pirate ship, fairy-tale land, circus, magical forest or homage to their favourite book or movie character.

Colour palette is one of the biggest decisions to make as you’ll want this design to last for a good few years, especially if it becomes a big project. Mix and match bright, bold colours to give vibrancy and energy to the room like lime greens and sky blues to give an outdoorsy feel. If your little one is old enough get them involved in the picking of colours as what might seem garish to you will ignite their imagination. Use softer, pastel tones for nurseries or pre-teens who are likely to have a huge change in taste over the next few years. Whatever colours you opt for it’s worth paying that little bit extra for the hard-wearing, washable paint or light reflective paint for small spaces.

An easy way to create your child’s dream bedroom is with a novelty or play bed which you can order online if you pick Bedstar for their wide range of good quality children’s beds. It doesn’t even have to be a novelty bed, there are so many options to choose from you just need to find one that fits your theme or can be tied in with some artwork.

The right bedding and curtains will set off the room nicely and tie everything together. This is a relatively cheap way of giving a room a new look.

Having the right sort of lighting can be the difference between a good room and an amazing one. If the windows aren’t letting in loads of natural light think about swapping your single bulb for a modern chandelier.

Sometimes the simplest way of giving your child’s bedroom a facelift is with funky storage to clear some space and open up the room. Different coloured drawers are fun and easy to change with your child’s tastes.

Practical items can be fun too like character wall clocks, desks built into play beds and nightlight-slash-thermometers like the Gro-egg which has a range of character shells.

Stencils and stickers are your budget-friendly pals. Gone are the days where murals were hand-painted by commissioned artists in over-sized expensive properties and so too are the days of tacky stencils and low-quality stickers that would peel off after a week. Nowadays you can pick up fantastic stencils and stickers that are long-lasting and cost-effective.

Lastly, artwork isn’t just for the grownups. Children love fun, humorous art and you have a world of choice for your child’s room. You can buy ready-made art or buy a few canvases and have fun together creating your own.