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Dream Kitchen Worktops


We had our new kitchen fitted two years ago, it was meant to be our dream kitchen, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a nightmare - we learnt a very important lesson, do not pay friends to fit your kitchen for you. In the end, we had to pay another tradesman to refit our kitchen - units had to be taken down to be put back up, and we had to replace damaged new worktops - it ended up costings us double. It's still has issues, but these can only be solved if we were to rip the whole kitchen out and start again - hopefully one day we will be able too.

When we had our new kitchen fitted the one good thing was, we had underfloor heating installed and that was the best thing we got. I love the convenience of the underfloor heating. When you get up in the dark cold mornings, you step downstairs to turn the kettle on and walk on a nice warm floor, and our cats love lounging around when the floor is warm.  

So I got my dream floor, but I've always wanted my dream worktops, Granite - worktops that are simply unique, stunning and will stay with you for years to come.

Granite worktops was once part of my dream kitchen, and still is, which is also echoed by many other people as discovered in a recent survey carried out by granite worktop manufacturer Mayfair Granite.

Mayfair Granite reached out to 1,000 people to carry out a survey on what would be their dream kitchen. 26% of people said they'd have a modern kitchen, while 21% said traditional and 20% said country cottage. Granite surfaces were named the most popular worktop with 39% of the vote, followed closely by quartz with 32%. Smart fridge freezers came second with 22%, while a boiling water tap garnered 18% of the vote.

If I was to get the opportunity to redo my kitchen again (we have other projects to complete in the house first before we even think to redo the kitchen again) - my dream kitchen would be a large one with lots of cupboards, I would go for a modern kitchen, with black granite worktops, an Aga cooker, with glass tiles on the wall,  white large floor tiles and a boiling water tap.  I would probably go for black appliances, with a big double American style fridge. 

Mayfair Granite is one of the premier producers of granite worktops in the UK. They specialise in granite worktops for Kitchens, Restaurants & Bars, and only use the finest quality granite. Granite worktops offer a classic sheen look that is unique, and as it is sourced via natural means it means it doesn't have a uniform pattern or colour - each one is unique.




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