Xmas Money Saving Tips

Christmas is getting close (It's Christmas next week!) and if you are like me you still have a lot to sort out. But come January, will you be complaining? "I'm skint now". It's not too late to avoid this.

Below are my Xmas Monday Saving Tips.

Look out for codes, search for vouchers and buy during the sales. don't forget to shop via cashback sites to obtain cashback. I love saving money on my purchases, and/or building up my cashback pot up.

Sell, we all have items stashed in the loft, or maybe far too many nail varnishes, books, DVDs, clothing - something to sell.

Do you really need to buy for the ever-widening glut of extended family and close friends?! For example, a couple of years back my friend and I talked and we agreed not to buy each other's kids presents, they get enough as it is - but we still treat each other, which is nice.

Do you need host all those Christmas parties? We are guilty of throwing parties over Christmas, and spending a bomb. Christmas day we have family around - this is priority, and I wouldn't change for anything but do we really need to then host a boxing day party? New Years Eve party, etc. 

Start to put money and/or buy gift cards aside each month to pay for next Christmas. In the past, I've tried to foot it all from November and December's pay, which was not a good idea. Even if you put a small amount aside, £20 / £30, it will soon build up throughout the year. And, you’ll have a lovely kitty ready and waiting.

Buy presents throughout the year. I do this and pop the pressies in my cupboard. The near to December I will do check to see what I have collected, and always surprise myself on how much I have bought throughout the year - meaning less to buy in the last minute dash of December.

Debt worries over Xmas? We've all been there! Sadly, Christmas isn't jolly for all. If you have debt worries, visit CreditFix for help. Help is good, especially if Debt is keeping you awake at night, then why not seek help.