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Why we all should have a bathrobe

Why we all should have a bathrobe

I love bathrobes. They give you extra comfort, and warmth; perfect for cold mornings, perfect for when you get out of the shower / bath, lovely for when you arrive home from the freezing cold, you can snugly up into your robe.

Wearing a bathrobe is like wearing like wearing a cup of hot tea. 

If I have no need or desire to go outside, with ease I will quite happily wear my bathrobe all day, and I've slept in mine a few times.

A bathrobe envelops you in a dreamy embrace like no other garment can.

Wearing a bathrobe allows you to lie on a sofa, wrapped up in woolly fabric, barely aware of what’s going on around you, and in an overall state of perfect serenity and comfort. 

Everyone should have a bathrobe, why:

Wake up to Comfort

You can wrap yourself warm and snugly up in your bed and drift off... and wake up in warmth. 

Wrap up in one 

After a bath/shower you can wrap yourself up to get dry, keeping your shoulders your body warm. As the bathrobe covers more surface area of your body, you will dry off a lot faster.

Prepare for a Night out

Whilst getting ready, wearing a robe whilst getting ready and getting other things done, i.e. you can do your hair and makeup more comfortably.

Who needs to get dressed

It's early and you aren’t ready to get dressed, but you don’t want to be out on your front door in your pyjamas when the postman knocks. Or, maybe you are poorly, and you want to curl up on the sofa all day, a bathrobe will give you the comfort you need.

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