When your car breaks down

When your car breaks down, it's not fun and it can, of course, be expensive. Over the years we've had a few experiences of breaking down, from running out of fuel, to smoke coming out of the engine.

The first time I broke down, was when Lewis was a baby, I was driving to the shops the other end of town when smoke started coming out of the bonnet. Trying not to panic, I pulled over to the side of the road, and got the kids out of the car and rang hubby.  A lady came out of her house to offer us help and to make sure we were okay, which I thought was really lovely and kind.  Hubby to the rescue. He came out of work, checked the engine - the car had run of out oil! The engine had overheated and well I learnt a lesson that day - to check the oil. That breakdown could have been avoided, and quite a few can, but there are the situations where they can't.

We've broken down a couple of times whilst hubby was the driver - and it always happens when you are far away from home. There was the time we spent the day at Alton Towers, and it was dark when we left for the 4-hour drive home. 10-minutes into our drive home, we broke down. We had to wait for recovery to come and get us back on the road - it was a very long day and worked out quite expensive as there were a few things wrong with the engine.

Many years ago, we went to Butlins, parked the car up, left it for the week. Had a great week, but when we packed up and went to go home, the car wouldn't start. It was completely dead. We called recovery, and it was the battery - a new one was needed. 


At some point breakdowns are inevitable, whether that be engine failure, flat tyre or you ran out of fuel (done that before too). The best way to avoid car breakdowns is to take care of your car with proper care and checks, i.e. car servicing. Poor car maintenance can cause the worst kind of breakdowns, but with an efficient car servicing from Ossett Tyre House, your breakdowns may be avoidable.  In addition, you can also adopt basic steps to keep your car running like a dream. Make sure you have fully functioning dashboard warning lights (don't ignore them). Water and oil levels are maintained. Check your Battery levels and inspect your tyres.

My oldest is learning to drive this year, and hopefully, he will be on the road soon. I am quite sure he will have a few breakdown stories to tell too.