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Weird And Wonderful Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

Weird And Wonderful Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

As a dog owner, it is your duty to make your dog happy. Most of the time, this is easy because all they want is food, water, and a long walk in the mornings and evenings. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t go out of your way to make the pooch even happier. After all, a cheery dog is a cheery owner. So, instead of doing the basics or the bare minimum, it’s time to go out of your comfort zone. Here are the weird and wonderful ways to make your pet happier than before.

Give Them A Present

Sure, dogs don’t view gifts the same way humans do when it is Christmas time. So, they won’t tear open the wrapping with unbridled anticipation and hug your afterward. They won’t even say thanks. However, all this doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy dog gifts as much as the next canine. Like humans, dogs get bored with toys because the novelty wears off. Therefore, a new toy from time to time will keep them interested and excited. Just make sure you don’t get one which will annoy you every time it squeaks!

Get A Paddling Pool

Dogs love water because they like to splash around and have fun. And, in the summer, they like to lie down in the cool dampness and chill out away from the sun. Quite simply, a paddling pool is a no-brainer as it will make them happier and safer at the same time. All you have to do is buy one which they can fit in easily, and keep an eye on so that they are not on their own. If a paddling pool doesn’t appeal to you, why not revamp the unused bathtub in the garden. A bath has plenty of room and is perfect for holding water.

Feed Them Treats

In this sense, a treat does not mean small snacks which they eat in between meals. No, it means to cook them a nice meal, one they don’t usually have. Because dogs are domesticated, they can eat almost any human food. So, cooking a little extra roast dinner and putting it on a plate is an excellent way to boost their morale every now and again. A word of warning: there are foods they can’t eat, such as chocolate and grapes. Before you give them a treat, make sure it isn’t going to do them any harm.

Let Them Tear The House To Shreds

There is nothing a dog likes more than to chew through the house. Normally, owners stop their pets from doing this because they don’t want shoes or furniture will holes. But, it is okay to indulge their natural habits from time to time. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than being told to stop doing something you love. A good compromise is to let them tear old belongings that you don’t need any longer. If you have old trainers, for example, they are fair game.

Sometimes, it is nice not to have to be on their case every minute of every day.

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