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Vintage Handbags

A girl's best friend is a handbag!  I love handbags. I have a few I've collected over the years, and never throw them out - I store them away safely. 

The handbag is a statement of personality and attitude. They're a unique statement of a woman's status and quite possibly they're mood.

But, why do we carry handbags? 

For me, it's an extension of "me" that gives me stability, comfort and security, this is all in addition to its main function of carrying and keeping my most important possessions, close to me. As boring as that sentence reads, the handbag doesn't have to be boring.  A handbag can be an extension of who you are. A status symbol, the perfect accessory to dress up your day and your outfit.

Acquiring a handbag is an enjoyable experience, and wearing one is just as positive. Especially when it's a bag that offers history and uniqueness. Like vintage Louis Vuitton from Xupes.

Xupes is an online retailer of pre-owned designer handbags, jewellery and watches. Established in 2009. Xupes base their trading on strict policies of absolute honesty, integrity and professionalism. They have over thousands of luxury items in stock and offer up to 70% off of RRP on pre-owned and brand new high-end watches, jewellery, vintage handbags, fine art and antiques.

Antique or Vintage handbags will often be unique or one-of-a-kind, giving you the timeless and beautiful must-have accessory. It could be the only piece that has survived! If you owned a bag like this, you are carrying on your shoulder, a piece that has a story.


Laundrapp £15 #discountcode with no minimum spend

Laundrapp £15 #discountcode with no minimum spend

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