The Step-By-Step Guide To buying a House in Ireland

Hubby and I bought our very first home, 18 years ago, it was the perfect terraced house; 2 up and 2 down.  It was a quaint snug home; but, with very steep stairs (Oh! the amount of times we slipped down those stairs). We weren't earning a lot of money back then, but we did manage to invest in the home, we added double glazing windows and decorated it to our taste. Also, our family started in this house, we had our first baby and my 9-year old step-son came to live with us.

We lived in our quaint little home for just under 3 years before we needed a bigger home as our family was growing and so we moved. We moved and bought three homes over the past 18 years, our current home we've been in for the past 9 years and don't plan to move anytime soon.  

These days buying a property is an issue that faces people across both England and Ireland. Increasing property prices all over England and Ireland have left many first-time buyers wondering when and if they will get on the property ladder.  

The recent announcement from the Irish Government and its Help to Buy incentive in Budget 2017 is designed to assist first-time buyers obtain the required deposit to secure a mortgage to buy or build a new home

AIG Ireland has designed a step by step guide to buying a house a Ireland  which you may find helpful. The infographic takes you through the steps you will have to take to get through the process. For example, did you know at the time of buying your first home that lenders require you and your partners to not only have life insurance but home insurance too?