Fun ways to explore your local area with the kids 

We’re all aware that in this modern age, including the kids, we are more likely to sit behind screen, and as a result, our levels of activity are down. This summer holiday, I plan to keep my kids active and spend some fun time with them outdoors. With 4 kids to consider ranging in ages from 4 to 17 years old, I've listed some fun ways to cater for them all:

Segway boards - Easy and fun way to ride the streets, down the park, along the seawall and so much more. I first saw these when a family were riding one each in Center Parcs - I thought then 'what a great way to get around Center Parcs'. This one is for the older two. I wouldn't let the youngest two on one.

Scooters - The 2 youngest kids favourite - they love their scooters. Lightweight, portable and easy to take out. The kids can whizz around having loads of fun being active at the same time. They can take these down the street, park or even on the ramps at the skate park! Great fun for all the kids.

Heelys - These are great fun! They are shoes with removable wheels so the kids can walk, run or roll. Kids can have fun, and be exceptionally 'cool'. Hellys can be worn and enjoyed by all the family.

Brompton bikes - Something fun unique and practical like the Brompton Bike. Perfect to hop onto the train with and to go explore the city. The Brompton can be taken anywhere: on the bus/train, out to a restaurant, or down the beach. This folding bike allows the ultimate portability, allowing you to fit a bike ride into your busy day to day life. So the kids can be out on their scooters, and I can follow along on my Brompton.

These are some fun ideas to keep the kids active this summer holiday. An active kid = a happy kid and doing it outdoors is so much better, no matter the weather.