Wish List

My son celebrated his 17th birthday over the weekend. He's grown into a lovely young man, maybe a little grumpy now and then, but mostly he's a thoughtful and caring soul. I am a super proud mum.

As well as being at college, he is working part-time and spends most of his hard working cash on clothing! Still, after the past 6-months, I get a little odd feeling when parcels come through the door for him - each time it reminds me he is not a child anymore, he's a growing lad.

With his clothing, he's always been quite strict in what he wears - he only ever wears plain and simple colours, no patterns. He mostly wears black, white or grey.  But recently, he bought a nice light pink jumper - which was a pleasant surprise (an actual colour, rather than black or white) and he suits him.

He buys his own clothes now, but I still like to buy him items too. I understand his style pretty well and so I've put together this wish list outfit I know he would like. All items are from the men’s fashion website

11 Degrees White Pitcher Cap - My son lives in his caps, especially when he is going to work or college. It means he doesn't have to do his hair. RRP £23.95 in the sale.

Vans - he had a pair, same as these a couple of years ago, and recently he keeps asking if I know where they went (recycle bin). Anyhow, he is after a pair and these are perfect RRP £41.95 in the sale.

11 Degrees White curved hem long sleeved t-shirt - he has a t-shirt similar to this, and it really suits him. Perfect for these colder months. RRP £34.95.

Levi broken in jeans 511 - he has a black pair like these, and he'd love a light blue pair. RRP £34.95 in the sale - fab price.