SkateHut Wish List

I'm not sure about you but there's something quite therapeutic about making a list (small or large) and wish lists are so much fun to do! especially ones for my kids.  

I've shopped at Skate Hut for years. My now teen boys when they were younger and into Scooters, they owned many different scooters over the years - and we always bought them from Skate Hut.  Sadly they grew out of their love of scooters, but, Jacob is now starting to discover his love of scooters. He currently uses his older brothers old JD Bugs, but has asked for his own scooter.

It's coming up to summer now and the kids are getting outdoors more and more, and they keep asking to take their scooters (old ones at that) on our walks. Jacob could definitely do with a new one, so we've been having a browse.

I love a good wish list and enjoyed putting this one together with Jacob: