Sex, Money and Death Discussions


When it comes to tricky discussions like sex, money and death, they are not always the most welcome, and/or the easiest of discussions to have. Depending on the situation and who you are talking too, is whether it is a comfortable experience or not. For example, conversations with kids will differ to those with parents; siblings; grandparents or friends. But, these are conversations that at some point are needed and most of the time shouldn't be avoided.  

One subject that most people don't feel comfortable in bringing up, or even thinking about, is wills. When you think, wills, you think morbid and death and you feel insensitive. No matter what you think, wills are important and they don't have to be complicated or expensive.  

When the time does come to begin thinking and talking about the topic of wills with those around us, Which? Wills has simplified the process of learning how to make a will with its easy to use online tool to create a will in 30 minutes.

According to the research, many of us have managed to avoid discussing awkward subject matters with our parents altogether and although it’s clear that wills are generally not seen as taboo subjects, we still don’t really like to talk about them.

The below infographic reveals the trickiest subject matters that we dread discussing are, sex, finances, death and relationships: