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A child's thought process is uniquely fascinating, their logic and reasoning as they learn can be charming and endearing and somewhat amusing. Children think outside the box and their minds are full of imagination. What they believe and the myths they pick up over can lead them to understand / perceive things differently.

A recent research survey* carried out by Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons has found out what children between 4 and 8 years old believe where their food comes from and the results are, interesting:

  • Over one in ten boys (11 per cent) believe milk comes straight from the supermarket
  • A fifth (20 per cent) of five-year-olds believe that chocolate is made from eggs
  • Almost a third of children (29 per cent) believe a cow’s diet consists of sandwiches and pizza

The survey also captured parents opinions and how a large 73 per cent stated that knowing where their food comes from is important to them. As a parent myself, I would be within the 73%. But, when it comes to the children, one in five don't realise that milk comes from cows.

To help the younger generation , Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons has partnered with Giovanna Fletcher has partnered with Cadbury Daily Milk Buttons to help kids understand food provenance; in particular where the glass and a half of milk used to make each packet of its iconic Buttons comes from. In the video, Giovanna takes some parents and kids back to the farm to learn some truths:


*The research was conducted between 10th – 24th October 2016, on a sample of 1,500 parents and their children, living in the UK British parents and their children aged 4-8.

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