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No More Sleepless Nights

No More Sleepless Nights

There are many things that can prevent you from getting a good night's sleep: money worries, work stress and of course, the kids bouncing on your bed in the early hours of the morning, but there are also things affecting your sleep that you may not even be aware of. If your bedroom is too chaotic or even if your colour scheme is all wrong, you will not be making the most of what should be the most relaxing room in your house. By following these simple tips, you can reclaim your sleep and make your bedroom the haven it was always meant to be.

 Throw Some Shade

Badly fitted blinds or unlined curtains will allow sunlight to bask your bedroom in the unwelcoming glare of early morning light. The solution is clear, invest in blackout blinds, in both your bedroom and the kids' room, as sunlight could also be the reason they are rising early to come into your bed. If you prefer curtains, then make sure they are thick with lining and the right size for your windows: gaps are a no-no. 

Is Tired Furniture Making You…Tired?

When was the last time you changed your mattress, or your bed frame for that matter? Old, lumpy and threadbare mattresses are often the cause of many a sleepless night and as you spend approximately 24 years of your life asleep, it really is worth investing in both a sumptuous mattress and a sturdy, yet attractive bed. Your bed should beckon you into its comforting softness and not merely be a place you have to lay your head. It is also important to get the right mattress for your needs, so if you are sharing the bed with a partner, always go for as large a mattress and bed as possible to give yourself the stretching space you need. There will also be the materials and firmness of the mattress to consider and this is where a reputable company such as Bedstar will be able to help, by assisting you with selecting the perfect mattress for your precise requirements. And here's a little extra tip: your new mattress may be the most comfortable thing you have ever experienced, but don't let the kids bounce on it though this time, as this treat is just for you.

Log-off For Longer Sleep

It may be tempting to take a final look at your emails before bed or for one last sneaky peak at what your friends are up to on your favourite social networking site, but staring at a computer monitor or mobile 'phone screen could be why you are finding it difficult to go to sleep. Research has found that prolonged exposure to the blue light from PCs and mobiles before you go to bed will stop you drifting into a natural state of sleep. It is believed that it is specifically blue light that tampers with the production of melatonin, a hormone associated with inducing sleep, so if you turn off your devices a few hours before you go to bed you are more likely to slip easily into slumber.

Be Careful with Colours

Scientific research has shown that exposure to certain colours can impact upon your mood and eventually your overall well-being. For example, the colour red is said to be a stimulating colour with connotations of aggression and excitement, which is certainly not when you need when you are trying to get some sleep. In the bedroom you will want to concentrate on colours that will not overstimulate you but will promote feelings of relaxation and calm. Although blue light from computer screens can hinder sleep, the colour blue on walls and furnishings can actually encourage serenity and peacefulness. Green is noted to improve feelings of harmony and peace. Therefore think about decorating your bedroom in palettes of blue or green, accentuating the comfort with plump pillows and cushions, and additional soft furnishings.

How to Make Your Bedroom the Best Environment for Sleeping

How to Make Your Bedroom the Best Environment for Sleeping

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