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Money Saving Tips for this Winter

Money Saving Tips for this Winter

The temperature is starting to fall, and that means the heating system is operating for longer periods of time... and that means bigger energy bills. Winter is an expensive time, and I'm not talking about Christmas. During the winter, household costs shoot up, especially the heating bill.

Small changes and/or big changes will take money off your energy bills. Here are a few tips that you can use to keep your winter household costs lower this year. 

Draught proof your property

Most homes, especially most older homes, lose heat through droughts and when you get a chill in the room, this makes it more tempting to turn up the thermostat. Draught excluders for doors can make an instant difference. Don't forget to draught post the roof loft hatch.

Insulate the roof

The recommended thickness is 270mm and you can buy the materials from most DIY stores. By having insulation fitted in the loft you could see a potential reduction in heat loss, saving the need to turn the thermostat up.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

We did this last year as our old thermostat was not the most effective way to monitor the temperature in the house. Instead of basic on/off and temperature control, a smart thermostat allows you manage each minute of your home’s heating schedule from a smartphone, tablet or computer.   You can even install wireless smart radiator valves you can control the heat of each area/room.

Annual Boiler service

It is a good idea to get your boiler serviced each year. It's essential to ensure that it runs efficiently and safely. Heating problems are more likely to occur during the winter when the strain on the system is at its greatest. You can help to avoid having your heating system breaking down if you keep it well maintained. 

Upgrade your boiler

Modern boilers are more efficient, they burn their fuel very efficiently. All boilers built after 2005 must be high-efficiency condensing models which operate at over 90% efficiency. A modern boiler can save up to £340. Replace your boiler and you’ll probably use less gas than you currently do.

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