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Garden To-Do Wish List

Garden To-Do Wish List

Photo by  ORNELLA BINNI  on  Unsplash

Photo by ORNELLA BINNI on Unsplash

With the extension and renovations we've recently had, our garden has taken a battering the past 12 months. After a good tidy and clear out, it looks a lot cleaner and tidier than it did a few months ago, but the garden is still looking neglected and a bit sorry for itself.  My aim is to give it a new lease of life in time for next spring. Somewhere where we will be proud to invite guests around, sit, entertain and spend time together as a family. So below I've put together my to do list / wish list on what I want for my garden.

In-ground trampoline

The trampoline looks ugly and big in our garden, we lost the net in the latest bad winds a couple of months ago and rather than buying a new trampoline, I will instead get an in-ground one. They not only look much tidier, but they are safer than the traditional trampoline. 

Hot tube

We're booked to go to Center Parcs later this year, we booked in one of the luxury lodges which has its very own hot tub. We stayed in one last year, and we love chilling in the hot tub.  But to buy one of your very own Hot tubs it can be expensive, so a great alternative would be the inflatable hot tube - easily put away once finished


I've not made my mind up about this yet, I am umming and arring about it; with 2 beagles will it cause issues, like bad smells.  But then, I would love the convenience it would offer, perfect green lawn with little maintenance. I'm no gardener and avoid it, because of this, our lawn is rubbish - with lots of dried patches.

Rattan sofa 

My wooden parasol has snapped in half (good ole British coastal wind). And, our wooden table and chairs look old, faded and ugly.  Next year I definitely want to replace it with a nice new rattan sofa set. 

Built-in BBQ

I really like the idea of a built-in BBQ.  They look amazing, they are great for entertaining and it would last for years.  We often have BBQs whether that is just for us, or if we invite friends and family around.  But the metal BBQ tire over time and we are in need for a new one, ideally, I would like a nice brick built-in BBQ.

Do you have any wish lists for your garden? What would you like to change?


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