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Five Simple Ways to Give your Garden some Oomph

Five Simple Ways to Give your Garden some Oomph

Summer is on its way at an alarming speed, which means there is no time like now to make a few simple improvements to your outside space. Following these tips might be all it takes to encourage you and your family to really take advantage of the (admittedly occasional) sunny days and light evenings this summer.

Update the furniture

There is nothing more off-putting than a rotting wooden bench that looks that it might break under you the moment you sit down! Ok, this might be a dramatic example, but garden furniture is often completely neglected unlike the beautiful pieces that can probably be found within your home. Choosing a few practical, comfortable and indeed beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture can make a huge difference to how your garden looks, and more importantly how much you feel like going out there! If you’re after something comfortable, I am particularly fond of outdoor sofas, like those found on Unopiu, which really help to extend the comfort of your living room outside into the fresh air. You can even take out a blanket and cuddle up with the kids under the stars.

Paint stones with the names of the flowers/herbs

Having flowers and herbs throughout your garden is amazing in itself, but you can spice it up even by more by adding some painted stones to highlight what you have throughout your space. Not to mention, it is a fun project to do! Choose colors and fonts that express your personality to highlight your flowers and herbs with fun painted stones. It can help separate your space and also be helpful in case you have a little helper venturing into the garden to pick some herbs (who could use some guidance).

Choose a feature

Do you have a favorite sculpture, tree or fountain that you just love? Make that the focal point of your garden! Mix it up and add new plants around it or do whatever you need to in order to pull your eyes towards your most beloved part of your garden. Not only will your garden gain a bit of extra oomph, but you also can guarantee that walking into your garden will always give you some sort of inspiration from seeing something you love.

Mix up your planters

Mixing up your planters is an easy way to incorporate unique elements into your garden. You could even use things from around your house to paint and repurpose as planters. For example, you could use a vintage bed frame to make planters, recycled goods such as an old washtub, a birdcage to grow your flowers and decorate plants inside of, or even a ladder to simply display your favorite plants and pots. Having each member of your family decorate a planter is a fun way to make sure everyone’s personality is represented in the garden.

Avoid clutter

Adding new things to your garden can completely change your space, but so can organizing your space and de-cluttering. Take the time to make sure you love everything that you have in your garden, from plants to décor and give attention and care to all of it. That way, you will feel energized when you go out into your garden, not overwhelmed.

Whatever your inspiration may be to give your garden some oomph, it is well worth it to make it happen! There is nothing better than fresh air and a relaxing space, especially on those sunny days.

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