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Epic Halloween Decorations Wish List

Halloween, second to Christmas, is one night of the year my kids (and us adults) love to celebrate. The kids have already been counting down the days and we still have three months to go. Why do we love Halloween so much?! It’s the one night of the year where it is perfectly acceptable and expected of people to dress up in the most scary and elaborate costumes, with some great face painting to match. It’s fun, scary fun, creative, and of course it always involves a lot of sweets.

The kids love trick or treating, but they love that we decorate the house too.  But,

last year was the first Halloween where we didn’t throw a Halloween party in a long time. It was due to the extension and house renovations that we were having – too much going on and too much upheaval to then throw a party on top. When we have our Halloween party, we go all out, we decorate the house inside and out, it takes us all day.  

This year, we are looking forward to getting back to throwing one and we are excited.  Over the years, we’ve built up a collection of some great decorations, and we add to it every year. We have a mix of items we’ve made, but mostly items we’ve bought over the years. We have smoke effect machines, giant air blown inflatables, caldrons and all sorts of scary decorations.

This year I want to go all out! Plain old bed sheet ghosts, will not do it for us, we are want something more eccentric – scarier.

To make this special night one to remember with decorations and costumes I’ve put together a wish list for this Halloween.  Epic Halloween decorations (but without scaring the little ones too much, I hope).

Chicken Wire Ghosts

A DIY project for this one. You have to purchase chicken wire and then mold it into shape of a ghost, and finish with glow in the dark spray. These would be perfect to position them in the side garden, scaring the trick or treaters.


It would be fun and unique to hang a few swords (and maybe an axe) on a wall, positioning them so they are facing down, with lots of police tape around, making it look like a scary crime scene. Great effect for inside, setting a scary murderous scene. But, if you are using real blades, safety comes first, so make sure they are hung safely and out of reach from little hands.

I started researching places to purchase a sword from and I quickly realized that swords are gorgeous! They are not just pieces for Halloween costumes, or blades that you see in movies. They really are pieces of art, so I knew that I wanted to invest in one, instead of just picking any sword out there because it could serve as not only a decoration for Halloween, but also a piece of art for years to come! So, I researched and researched and finally came upon Swords of Northshire. Swords of Northshire sells Samurai Swords, Ninja Swords, Knives, Custom Swords and Accessories. They know the importance of creating historically accurate swords, so they hand forge each sword in Longquan, which is famed for its long history of swordmaking. On top of that, the blades are hand crafted by craftsman who have passed the art down from ancestors of the Japanese Samurai, so you know that your product will exceed your expectation! Swords of Northshire offers a 100% money-back guarantee, for up to 30 days after your purchase and also shops to many countries for free, which is a great bonus! Purchasing a sword from Swords of Northshire is a great way to make an investment on a piece of art that can also double as a Halloween decoration!

Witch hats

You have to have Witch hats for Halloween, they are the staple decoration of any Halloween. Hanging lots of witches hats dangling from the ceiling. Spooky Floating Witch Hats – simply magically. I have a few witch hats I’ve collected over the years, but to add to the effect I will be purchasing a few more, and I will create a room ceiling full of floating witch hats.

Head in a jar 

Another DIY project. For this scary decoration you place a horizontal head image of yourself, or maybe an image of the kids heads, and roll the image into the jar, fill it with water – tint the water to a green colour and you have a severed head in a jar – Please it in the window or as a centerpiece on the buffet table. Freaky!

Bloody walls

Every year we cover the house with the decorative cobweb (you can’t have enough cobwebs), but this year I want to go all out and decorate one of the rooms, I’m thinking the downstairs toilet, with some ‘bloody’ stickers. Stickers that look more like a bloodbath. Stickers for the walls, but you can also get stickers for the toilet.  

Writing this post gave me a mix of emotions, a bit freaked out (it’s scary looking through all the scary ideas for inspiration on Pinterest), and a excitement towards Halloween. I hope a few of these ideas helped. But, I’m always on the lookout for more. Do you decorate for Halloween? Do you have any unique Halloween Decoration ideas?


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